Post-It Stop Motion

Some of the most interesting and inspiring viral videos take some skill and a whole lot of patience. Just take a look at this stop-motion video of a bunch Post-It on a wall.

This is a senior project from a student at Savannah College of Art and Design. They also documented the making of this video here.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar for NegrosPolitics NegrosPolitics says:

    very cool…

  2. Avatar for ReyHerreraHerbal ReyHerreraHerbal says:

    Rey Herrera Herbal
    Reh Herbal

  3. Avatar for Ross Ross says:

    very cool!
    two thumbs up!

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  4. Avatar for aderf aderf says:

    wow, grabe tyaga ng gumawa nito.

  5. Avatar for Nino Natividad Nino Natividad says:

    Ang galing naman! Ilang araw kaya ginawa to?

    Nino Natividad

  6. Avatar for Weblogger|CarloBlogg Online Weblogger|CarloBlogg Online says:

    ang cool ng vid! hirap lang gawin nyan, HAHA :D

  7. Avatar for Jox Jox says:

    Nice!! parang sarap din gumawa ng ganyan vid kaya lang kelangn ng tiyaga talaga

  8. Avatar for Ton Ton says:


  9. Avatar for Arnold Gamboa Arnold Gamboa says:

    Cool! Ang tiaga nito! :D

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