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HP Mini 5101 gets back to business

And just when you thought netbooks are on its way out, newer models are still coming in like there’s no tomorrow. If the HP Mini 2140 doesn’t give you that real executive look, the HP Mini 5101 might just do the trick.

The HP MIni 5101 gets a minor CPU upgrade of an N280 1.66GHz, a brighter OLED screen, 2MP webcam, 95% full laptop keyboard size with chicklet keys.

hp mini 5100

This netbook will have a 10.1 inch screen will have a resolution of either 1024×600 or 1366×768 (HD) pixels.

hp mini 5100

HP claims a battery life of up to 8 hours with the 6-cell model.

hp mini 5100

Price starts at $449 (most likely, it will have the same price as the HP Mini 2140 when it first came out — around Php23,990).

{photo credit: Gizmodo}

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29 Responses

  1. cris says:

    looks sleek. I hope they do a 12″ model like this.

  2. jojovill says:

    5101 will catch the attention of the executives more if this model will come along with a 3G modem.


  3. genriq says:

    hope the HDD is 5400 rpm and 2.5″

  4. chefyoji says:

    oh wow. HP quietly released the HP Mini 110 and now they have HP 5101. I think I’m gonna hold off buying netbooks. They just keep coming. Thanks for this update.

  5. Pedro says:

    i still like the looks of HP mini 2140, especially the round n smooth edges… but as “chefyoji” said more netbooks seems to be still coming out, i think ill wait it out before I upgrade my HP mini 1000….

  6. rjca says:

    I’d totally get this netbook if I was in college already: great specs, sleek looks and long battery life!

    Wonder what I can get next year for my freshmen year . . .

  7. wow.. ok na rin. Thanks for the share.

    Nino Natividad

  8. century city says:

    Wow interesting.. not bad for a portable 23k notebook =)

  9. seems like HP’s version of the Thinkpads. but unlike Thinkpad’s matte finish, this one is a fingerprint/smudge magnet.

    wish they would release a standard 6cell for this one.

  10. Jam. says:

    love the design!. But it looks like the touchpad is very smudgy O_O

  11. Jhay says:

    Hmm, the looks of the keyboard reminds me of the IBM’s ThinkPad series. Squared, edgy and more business like.

  12. BrianB says:

    Ganda OLED. Don’t like the keyboard at all, sayang ang space.

  13. BrianB says:

    Just went to Gizmodo. Ganda talaga. Sayang baka Vista na naman laman nito.

  14. by the way, any release date on this one? para makapag ipon at mabenta na Mini 1000 ko.

  15. iggy says:

    Will wait out until this comes out. i hope the price will be as predicted. Considering na may technology ata siya na nago-off pag na-yuga (hehe what a term) siya at 2 MP yung cam plus Vista siya i hope the price won’t go around 25K-26K. Kung ganun ang presyo 1000HE na lang ako. At the least 19K-20K lang siya. Or yung Lenovo S10-2. Ahhhh the beauty and confusion of having too many choices….

    Btw how does HP have its files backed up? I think Lenovo has the best backup system (?) kasi one button backup di ba?

    An additional concern pala. As far as durability and support is concerned, how the HP stack up against other brands?


  16. iggy says:

    Add ko lang pala from hp website:

    7200rpm yung HDD niya going up to 320GB

    Ethernet card slot

    Broadband (but I think naka-lock siya sa ibang network)

    cannot wait….^_^

    Release date: Malapit na! Patapos ng July or start ng August.

  17. patapos na July, wala pa. August kaya release date nito?

  18. Kris K says:

    Looking forward to this HP5101. Anyone got an update for availability?

  19. eric says:

    September na… wala pa din?

  20. i have talked to HP contact point(based in Malaysia) sometime in August and the rep(Suzette) said that it will be available in the Philippines by September first week.

    she mentioned that the unit is already available in some APAC countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

    the landed SRP would be Php23-24k. and will only come with a 4cell variant.

    i tried getting in touch with MSI ECS(HP’s Philippine distributor) and the PM(product manager) said that the unit will be available in September.

    i just hope that they will bring in 6cell options if the standard SKU would be 4cell.

  21. bench says:

    I was plannig to buy the SONY VAIO W netbook but because of its price tag (39’900Php) : (601$ in UAE)..i was a little bit of confused now on purchasing the VAIO..thats why I’m still waiting for this very executive maangas na 5101 kaya lang hindi pa din available sa market bakit kaya..

  22. Mishy says:

    looks like a really nice netbook. :) is it available in manila already? where exactly? would appreciate your help. thanks.

  23. anthony says:

    It’s the best netbook when it comes to performance especially on multitasking. It’s even better than Toshiba nb205 which was the best before this netbook came.

  24. Chat Trinidad says:

    Went around computer shops today, 15 November 2009 but the HP resellers said they do not know of any hp mini 5101. When will this be available here in the Philippines?

  25. limue; says:

    nice netbook,

  26. mudspike says:

    Selling an HP 5101 4-Cell Battery. Price is P4.5K ( negotiable )

    rfs. extra battery since I upgraded to 6-cell already.

    pm or sms me 0920 970 4155

    meetups :

    Office hours : paseo cor ayala area
    weekends : trinoma area

    special discount for pickups at our office in makati.

  27. mags says:

    Hey! Someone is selling this here in Cebu for P23K. I forgot his name but I also saw his ad in Sulit. Open for Cebu buyers only though.. :)

    Yep, like the sleek and classic look but being that it’s a finger print magnet is really a turn off. Anyways, I hope they do something bout that and also consider releasing one in white, gold, bronze, and dark purple colors. Sweet! :)


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