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#TBT: Mobile phones: Then and Now

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, you’d definitely see the huge difference and improvements in the mobile industry. For our Throwback Thursday this week, we look at one of the most popular handset of the 21st century and compare it with the handset of 20 years ago.

We’re sure you still remember the Nokia 5110. It was one of the best phones of the 90’s. We compare it to the Apple iPhone to see what we’ve gained and what we’re missing.

Sometimes, technology doesn’t really improve things — they just make them more complicated.

Inspired by 9Gag.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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41 Responses

  1. Niall says:

    That is the result of planned obsolescence.

  2. Lil Sutil says:

    Non sense article. Then use your Nokia 5110 if you dont want the iphone.

  3. mephiroth says:

    So kung papipiliin ka ng iphone 5s tsaka nokia 5110 pipiliin mo yung 5110? lol

  4. RJ says:

    I miss the battery life of older phones. Sana lang may OEM na maka-discover kung paano mas mapapatagal yung battery life. Motorola is on the right direction when they released Moto X and Moto G with long battery life.

    • vince says:

      there was a question asked once to a large panel of scientists. IF you could only beg/borrow/steal one piece of tech from advanced aliens, what would you choose for max benefit to the human race.

      once common answer was good battery tech because battery technology has been relatively slow or stagnant for a long time. The phone companies are not the ones investing in this, its the electric car companies and anything they invent will trickle down. But its been decades and there is no good solution in sight

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      It isn’t the batteries – in many cases, we have batteries with way more capacity than older phones had. It’s the fact that in the case of smartphones, you’re running a resource-hungry OS on a big, LCD screen that needs a lot of backlighting to be seen. Add to that the touch sensors and all the other bells and whistles and you end up guzzling up the contents of your battery.

      Case in point, I’ve been sticking to non-smartphones since forever. Just got me a n206 and the battery lasts me a week or more, even when I use it as a music player a few hours per day. Weak cpu, smaller screen, non-touch = low power consumption.

  5. Mark says:

    Q. what can you do with 5110?

    A. call and text

    Q. what can you do with iphone5?

    A. anything.

  6. Ryan says:

    Daming bitter naman sa 5110. Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko eh. mas matalino pa yun phone nyo kesa sa inyo. tsk tsk.

  7. Mhelz says:

    The answer: we need Ironman’s Arc reactor

  8. #satire says:

    #satire din Yugatech kung mag gugudtaym.

  9. Brian says:

    Why do you take the article so seriously? Patulan daw ba talaga? Napagdaanan ninyo ang ganyang type of phones. Unless rumekta kagad kayo sa IPHONE.

  10. Dhan says:

    LOL daming di makagets ng humor post, need ba ng quadcore para ma-process? :))

  11. Asdadadasdas says:

    Pero nakita ko talaga ‘to sa 9gag kanina eh. Revised version? =3

  12. Analog says:

    Buying Nokia 5110


  13. Zobel says:

    Dami ba talagang bobo sa Pilipinas hihihi

  14. epol says:

    expected na yan sa mga taong naka iphone, status daw yun ng buhay pag naka iphone ka, di bali ng mag charge araw-araw, ang pinag tataka ko lang bakit maraming mag react kung kinumpara ang iphone sa nokia 5110? eh halos naman naka iphone dito sa pinas naka jailbreak, halos lahat naka utang o kaya ay naka plan with 3 years to pay. yung iba naman naka iphone nga pero madalas gamitin back up phone din na nokia, at ang nakakatawa ay sineryoso pa ang article. sa ina-akalang ang iphone nila ay pinaka magandang cellphone sa balat ng lupa.

  15. tobimagwire says:

    imagine kung ilalagay natin ang battery capacity ng iPhone sa Nokia 5110, ilang buwan kaya itatagal nito hehe

  16. cheverchenes says:

    i seriously dont get why people react to this article soooo seriously… it just shows the evolution of technology.. no one is forcing 5110 on you guys.. ahahha

  17. justine says:

    haha nakakaasar naman yung mga apple lover mga walang sense of humor.

  18. Karl says:

    Oh wait, now there is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. Haha!

  19. fanatic says:

    HAHAHAHA funny! iba talga ang nokia! :)) kaso napagiwanan na kayo in terms of innovation, LG G2 na dri

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