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This Filipino Ice-Maker Machine turns water into ice in seconds

This un-identified Filipino-owned ice-maker machine turns ice-water into ice is a matter of seconds. Watch this amateur video on how they make ice water into ice by merely dipping it into a bath of cold water.

We’re not particularly sure sure what the set-up is and the chilling machine they use here but the video clearly shows how a seemingly regular ice water turns into solid ice after dipping into the vat and merely flicking the plastic.

Ice Maker Machine

Ice Maker Machine…..onli in da Pilipins

Posted by Labios Alvin on Sunday, May 18, 2014

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18 Responses

  1. Avatar for pines pines says:

    tama si engrfrog.. tinuturo yan sa chemistry subject. baka absent lang yung iba nung tinuro ng mga instructors nila yan nung 3rd year high school sila..

  2. Avatar for engrfrog engrfrog says:

    water’s freezing point is 0 degrees celcius.. so kapag ung water pinalamig mo up to 1 degrees celcius hindi parin sya magiging yelo… pero kung mag create ka ng disturbance sa molecular particles nya.. like ung ginawala na pagpitik.. magiging active mga water molecules makikiskisan un ang cause kung bkt naging yelo xa in seconds

  3. Avatar for pldt pldt says:


  4. Avatar for jayrwafu jayrwafu says:

    ice breaker topic?

  5. Avatar for ashayuni ashayuni says:

    nakakahiya pinatulan pa to ng yugatech…kala ko naman worth it basahin.

  6. Avatar for Gener Gabasa Gener Gabasa says:

    luma na yan, HOT ICE tawag dyan http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2719739/YouTube-scientist-films-moment-submerges-hand-hot-ice.html

  7. Avatar for Emmanouchie Emmanouchie says:

    Stupidest topic ever, haynakhu!

  8. Avatar for vm02 vm02 says:

    yeah. This is just supercooled water, a party trick you can do with beer

    You want to impress us, prove that the water starts out at room temperature

  9. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    Meh, hindi nga maimbento ng mga foreigners, Pinoy pa kaya? haha

    • Avatar for mak mak says:

      Uhm.. please don’t underestimate Filipinos..
      FYI that florescent bulb that we are using was invented by a Filipino which is much more efficient than incandescent bulbs..

    • Avatar for gray gray says:

      @mak, seryoso di mo pa ba alam na hoax yang kay agapito flores na sya nag-imbenta? huwaw. google mo pa sir.

  10. Avatar for Wattt Wattt says:

    True, but its not solid ice.

  11. Avatar for HelloPhysics HelloPhysics says:

    This is nothing new: it’s called Supercooling.

    Nerds and pranksters everywhere know that water can remain uncrystallized despite being below its freezing point if it is relatively pure (avoiding nucleation sites) and cooled at a certain rate.

    Once disturbed, the nucleation process is triggered instantly and voila. Frozen water (it won’t even take minutes, actually).

  12. Avatar for yet yet says:

    I doubt that it took only seconds to make the ice. They didn’t show that the water in in the plastic bag is new. They only showed that once flicked the water inside the bag becomes ice. This is the same principle as the iced beer in bars. For water to freeze from room temperature in seconds, the water in the water bath should be extremely low. So low in fact that your hands will shiver in mere seconds of dipping in the water tank. If you look closely also, they used a split type aircon as compressor, No visible insulation that can help maintain the temperature. This is one expensive way to make ice tubig.

  13. Avatar for margaret margaret says:

    baduy kulqng ng info badtrip.. sayang scroll ko

  14. Avatar for D D says:


  15. Avatar for Raxxia Raxxia says:

    pinalabas na sa matang lawin yan e pero not actually yan pero kung panu gumawa ng yelo in just a seconds. ^_^

  16. Avatar for emcel emcel says:

    if im not mistaken matagal na pong alam ng mga ice cream vendor yan… asin ang trick…

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