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Gimme some juice!

Marc and I were shopping for some suit last week in anticipation of next month’s SEMCON 2007 and Aaron Wall’s wedding with his would-be Filipina wife. While discussing details of the conference, I told him that he should be blamed for locally popularizing loaded terms such as link juice, link love and link bait. He replied, “that’s why I don’t blog anymore!”, or something along those lines.

See, before bloggers would usually give out links because they want to give traffic, however big,small or non-existent their traffic count is. Now, most would do it to give link juice. Besides, we realized a link costs a lot now than before.

Before, people loved to do link exchanges. Now, they call it link love. Then, just a year ago, bait’s are mostly for fish. Now, calling out somebody on your blog is considered link bait.

Ok, I digress. Let’s move along and share some tidbits.

Atty. Punzi gives us a blog lecture on Exemptions from Competitive Bidding in relation to the NBN fiasco. In the news, Pres. Arroyo has just ordered the indefinite suspension of the contract.


According to Erwin, the iPod Touch will be available in the Philippines next month for P19,090 for the 8GB and P25,490 for the 16GB. My conversation with the sales ladies at the Apple store puts the prices at a lower range of Php16k and Php19k, respectively. I remember the iPod Video 60GB retailed for Php32,000+ when it first came out locally.

Join the Survey on Filipino Bloggers here and help kids pass their Psychology 118 class. You need to be a resident Filipino (by blood or citizenship) and you must own and write your own blog.

Virgin MobileKarl asks why aren’t there any other Filipino bloggers included in the Top 50 Most Influential Bloggers List (well, except maybe for Filipina blogger Michelle Malkin). Methinks to have at least one there (Malkin) is good enough. Singapore’s Xiaxue didn’t make it nor the most popular blogger in China, Xu Jing Lei, both of which are on Technorati’s Popular 100.

In news abroad, Virgin mobile was sued by a teenager for using her Flickr picture in an ad. To add insult to injury, the ad had the caption “Free virgin to virgin”.

Mint is a huge winner of the TechCrunch40 Conference. Mint is a data normalization service which tracks all your finances by consolidating all your credit accounts, billing cycles and earning/spending history. Neat tool. Now, this is one service we need a good clone of.

You think you and your friend can build a rocket ship and fly to the moon? Why not try it out and get to win $30 Million from Google. Hmm, maybe just a remote controlled robot would do.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Gsas says:

    Sinong mga engineers at rocket scientists dito? baka interesado kayo dun sa $30M Dollar Fly-Me-To-The-Moon contest ng Google. Team up tayo!! Haha.

  2. Jaypee says:

    Do we still consider Malkin as Filipino/Filipina even if she doesn’t even want to be associated with anything Fillipino? :P

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