Hands on with the new 8GB iPod Nano

Official release of the new line of iPods in the Philippines is reported to be this October but several units have already been spotted in stores. Here’s the new iPod Nano 8GB I just got from my favorite store. And they tell me they sells like hotcakes.

iPod Nano

Originally, I thought these 3rd generation of the iPod Nano were a little anatomically disproportionate (fat and stubby). Only after actually getting my hands on one did I realize that the form factor makes good sense. And it’s much thinner too.

8GB iPod Nano

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

For an 8GB music and video player, it justifies the wider girth for a proportional video display screen size. See size comparison with the 5.5 gen iPod video 30GB in the picture above. The Nano can also play vidcasts a lot faster and smoother than the 5.5 gen. It plays videos instantaneously and does not pause every few minutes, unlike the old one (HDD access rate maybe).

Black iPod Nano

This model retails for Php11,800+ but I got it for Php10k flat. Likewise, I checked the prices of the other models in the Apple store and got these — iPod Classic 160GB at Php20,800+, iPod Classic 80GB at Php14,990+. The old 30GB iPod Video is now on sale for Php11,800.

3rd Generation Nano

Some retailers told me that although the local distributor will stock them with the new iPods next month, some store owners are more aggressive and personally shipped them straight from the US. I’m sure the iPod Touch will be out as early as next week.

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18 Responses

  1. Avatar for gian carlo gian carlo says:

    ask koh lang sana kung disposable ung mga lhat bng klase ng ipod?
    meron kc ako un ipod nano n 3rd gen. pero 4 gig lang.tnx

  2. Avatar for gian carlo gian carlo says:

    ask koh lang poh kung disposable un ipod nano n 3rd gen?meron kc ako eh..

  3. Avatar for erika erika says:

    hey. where did you get it for 10k? tell me please

  4. Avatar for Chal Chal says:

    Where did you get the nano for only 10K? I want to get one too! Although for an additional 3-4K, I could get the 80gb classic, with 10x the memoryof the nano. hmmm…decisions decisions

  5. nice ganda ng ipod nano… sana magkaroon ako nyan

  6. Avatar for Rica Rica says:

    yeah, where did u buy at only 10k flat? :)hmm.. i think im getting myself one.

  7. Avatar for carlo carlo says:

    why ipods dont have bluetooth? it needs computer to transfer files.

  8. Avatar for bryancd911 bryancd911 says:

    8gb ipod nano vs. 30 gb ipod classic…which one is more reasonable when it comes to price and functionality?

  9. Avatar for mr nice ash mr nice ash says:

    you always make me drool.

  10. Avatar for ebmd ebmd says:

    where did you buy it for only 10K? i wonder how much is a brand new ipod classic 80 gb from that store?

  11. Avatar for markku markku says:

    Wow, nice and small. And the interface looks a lot better than it used to be. Seems like a good buy. =)

  12. the new video & coverflow functionality is definitely nice, but I think the aesthetics took a big step backwards.

    I think I might get one for my girlfriend for X-mas

  13. Avatar for Ade Ade says:

    Not too crazy about the iPod touch. Now the iPod classic. That would be most love.

  14. Avatar for jayvee f. jayvee f. says:

    the nano and the shuffle has been out since last week actually.

    and after playing with the iPod touch, i realized that this is going to be a potential “apple screws us over” product.

  15. Avatar for franz franz says:

    actually tradeport.com.ph sells ipod 80gb silver/black for 13,200 which has a 1 year warranty and 7 day return policy. that’s more than a bargain..

  16. Avatar for JohnLloy JohnLloy says:

    dapat ginawa nalang din nilang multi-touch screen ;)

  17. Avatar for issai issai says:

    i still *heart* the ipod touch, a co-worker showed me, but apparently, they’re still not sold by big retailers.

  18. Avatar for Aja Lapus Aja Lapus says:

    Your 4th paragraph states, “iPod Classic 60GB.” I think it should be 160. :)

    The first photos released were all front views of the nano making it look fat. But seeing a picture from the side tells me it’s so thin, and now I want it as well. ;)

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