Poll: How much do you spend for your Internet?

Poll: How much do you spend for your Internet?

Ok, new poll again. Just wondering how much do people spend for their internet connectivity on a monthly basis?


Options include:

* Almost free — if you get it from school or office or something similar
* Less than Php500 a month — mostly if you’re using prepaid dial-up
* Less than Php1,000 a month – for entry level broadband connections
* Between Php1,000 to Php2,000 a month — for mid level DSL connections, mobile broadband (Visibility, WeRoam)
* Between Php2,000 to Php3,000 a month – for mid level broadband or multiple connections
* Between Php3,000 to Php5,000 a month – for top tier broadband, multiple connections or mobile internet
* Above Php5,000 – either you gotta you got a leased line or you’re spending way too much on internet connectivity

If you’re sharing the internet cost with someone else in your place who also uses it, only indicate your own shared expenses. Likewise, if you have multiple connections (2 DSL plus WiFi plus 3G), just add them all up. If you use prepaid mobile internet like Smart 3G/GPRS, just make an educated guess how you you spent for it every month.

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39 Responses

  1. noemi says:

    I have multiple connections. Smart Bro- for Lauren which is 995, PLDT for my main work station (with landline 752 kbps) at 1500 something, Globeline Broadband for me and my other daughter (with landline at 1 MBps) at 1500 something . I have to go to Globe to reduce the cost because it’s now 1295. a total of almost 4 thousand

  2. Ed says:

    Less than 1,000.00

  3. jamie says:

    free sa office. pag day off ko, pldt dsl sa bahay (ARGH ANG BAGAL THESE DAYS) pero that would last 2-3 hours a day.

    so almost free nga.

  4. paolo says:

    around $15 a month for 3mbps At&t here in the US.

  5. philip says:

    Between Php1,000 to Php2,000 a month

    Digitel ako d2 sa Pangasinan. Medyo may kamahalan para sa 256kbps

  6. jaJa says:

    less than a thousand. globelines broadband

  7. Nerbie says:

    P300 for my prepaid Internet Cards.

    Our gamers here at the shop spend P120 a day for internet access(gaming). Thats a lot compare to most bloggers here. Grabeh no?

  8. pao says:

    we use entry level broadband connection, it’s P995. so far we’re very satisfied with it. ;-)

  9. minor says:

    free!! courtesy of kapitbahay unsecured wireless connection

  10. mar says:

    I dont pay. =) Little secret I have..

  11. Goe D says:

    Cable DSL from Charter > 3 MBPS shared in 5 pc via linksys wireless router. Cost = $39.99

  12. issai says:

    around $120 a month but that’s including cable from Comcast

  13. nel animo says:

    my destiny cable internet 999/month

  14. BrianB says:

    Am I the only one spending over P 2k?

  15. jepoy says:

    Destiny Cable – started P2500 (unlimited) in year 2000… then lowered to P1900(512kbps – 256kbps)… and again lowered to P1688(2Mbps). Now it’s at P999 (unlimited daw, but max at 4Mbps).

  16. Bryanboy says:

    P2,000 for globe visibility and P1,000 something something i think 1995 for dsl which i dont really use cause it’s useless

    i used to pay P8,000 a month owith meridian before smart bought them and we cancelled our service

  17. pigarotti says:

    eek, after seeing the comments, i think i’d better “downgrade” my subscription na. >

  18. pigarotti says:

    eek, after seeing the comments, i think i’d better “downgrade” my subscription na. i’m spending almost 3k for pldt dsl (includes landline fee). pldt’s not offering this bundle anymore, i think.

  19. bryancd911 says:

    US$349 / month for 1.5 Mbps – Cable & Wireless Americas, here in Turks & Caicos Islands.

  20. Alfred says:

    I spent 25€ a month for my monthly internet wireless connection using TIM’s HSDPA pc card here in Italy, free internet connection from Monday to Friday from 5PM to 9Am, also free on weekends(whole day on Saturdays and Sunday) and holidays.

  21. bryancd911 says:

    tsk tsk… cost of living is way too high in a British-crown country… but back in the Philippines I only pay around P1200 for a 512kbps + phone line – Digitel broadband

  22. Whats your point? says:


    What is your point of your survey and you bragging about which gadgets you have?

  23. issai says:

    shall we define tech blog?

  24. JohnLloy says:

    Libre sa office DSL
    at sa bahay libreng dial as A VAS sa dsl sa opis ehehe

  25. andre says:

    slightly above 1k pesos for 1 Mbps SingNet DSL here in Singapore

  26. Onynz says:

    Currently subscribed with SmartBro 999.

  27. Joseph says:

    P 400 a month. I share the Smart Bro connection with my neighbor.

  28. golda says:

    P999 for zpedee cable.ayos ‘to.

  29. Albert says:

    Only P2000 for Globe Visibility. Its been amazingly fast within the last 2 days. I hope this will be the speed from now on.

    Also using CURE HSDPA trial SIM. Very very fast. Average 3 mbps speed.

  30. Mike says:

    $55 a month from cox cable here in the U.S. 10mbps

  31. cyberNomad says:

    $45 a month for 15Mbps Cablevision Optimum Online

  32. Will Tabacchi says:


    Can you tell me how to call the Philippines from the USA using Comcast Voip???

    I wish to contact Mercury Drugs in Baybay leyte to pay for a friends perscription needs


  33. jun says:

    sus, gprs lang si ako, ninanakaw pa ni smart. Smart n smart talaga!!! katabi lang ng bundok mayon bahay ko.hehehehe

  34. JerryF says:

    Living in PI for the last 10 yrs., I have come to the conclusion that there is very little BB service to be had out side Manila. Of course you need to define BB, for me that would be 2mbps (NOT up to) down and 1Mbps up.
    Such a crazy mismatch quilt of companies overlapping coverage, and in the next sub-division no coverage. If I can see what ipsatellite delivers and it’s not UP TO then I will spend the $2000.00 for equipment and service.
    At the present time Smartbro is P999 and Comclark is p1350 (up to 768) more like 384 DN AND <100KB UP. For me that just sucks. If ever there was a company that induces hate, ComClark sits on top of the heap.
    If you only email and surf, SmartBro is OK, barely.
    Damm, be glad when the 2 yrs is up.

  35. Conrad says:

    I spend around P2300 a month. I have sun, globe, and wi-tribe. Wi-tribe is the fastest but limited within metro-manila. Globe and Sun are at even par. Globe signals are sometimes cut. Sun is pretty reliable in Metro-Manila. If you’re always within MM, get wi-tribe. It’s really great!

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