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What to NOT blog about?

Ed Kohler of Technology Evangelist wrote a quick post about “what not to blog about”. Some of the items on his list grabbed my curiosity…

He lists down 4 things that bloggers should avoid writing about on their blogs:

1) Self Promotional Posts – isn’t blogging also about promoting oneself?

2) Copying Trademarked Content – obviously, no argument there.

3) Negative Posts – err… blogging is not always goodie-good all the time. It’s like the real world too. Just look at the Senate.

4) Legal Advice – this is the one that got my attention. But I often see people on TV and on radio giving legal advice, why not on blogs? I know legal matters are a sensitive topic and giving out advice publicly on a blog can spell trouble to those who take them to heart.

In that case, there are other things that bloggers should try to avoid writing about:

Advice on Health & Medicine. Unless you’re the attending physician or know the medical records of a person, blogging about drugs & medicine could get people searching online into health problems.

Advice on Accounting & Taxation. Unless you’re a licensed CPA or something but… it could still get someone into trouble with the BIR.

  • Personal Gossip on Private Individuals
  • . And I’m not just talking about that controversial blog about the Gucci Gang. I have read of stories before of people committing suicide because their secret private lives were exposed online.

    What do you think? Are these really no-no topics on blogging?

    Well, of course there’s the stuff about violence, racism, discrimination, terrorism, etc.

    Which brings me, what if Malu Fernandez would start a blog and put all her columns there?

    Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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    15 Responses

    1. Please says:

      Private individuals? When you parade your high profile face at every imaginable glossy and broadsheet in town and have endorsement deals left and right, does that make one a “private individual”?

      It’s funny how not a single one of the “big bloggers” covered the most controversial pinoy blog as of late. 250,000 visitors in 4 days.

      Biased? Personal interests? Scared it might get back to you in the future? Fear?


    2. noemi says:

      one is free to blog about any topic but be ready for the consequences whatever they may be.

      example, be ready to be sued for libel if you quote portions of that controversial blog (who incidentally is not a Filipino citizen or even of Filipino descent).

    3. One should not blog and claim something that he don’t know. or face the consequence later on..

    4. BrianB says:

      So, that’s why you didn’t blog about your kababayan in guimaras. I’m so sorry about Celine. She seemed okay, not mataray or anything.

    5. minor says:

      ….to blog or not to blog

    6. BrianB says:


      You got to understand. Celine’s family live, has mansions on the island where Abe grew up. The family dominates that island, along with a couple others with whom they seasonally trade government posts with.

    7. BrianB says:

      sorry, bad grammer, just ignore the last “with.”

      Anyway, hope this doesn’t get aired on TV or we will be witnessing what of the pukiest snowjobs in the history of our country.

    8. Please says:

      Ah I see.

      Personal interests prevail then instead of objective and truthful “journalism”.

    9. Please says:

      No-no topics in blogging:

      1) anything that would jeopardize personal safety, do not blog it.

      2) anything that would jeopardize personal interests, do not blog it.

      3) anything derogatory about sponsors, do not blog it. (don’t bite the hand that feeds you)

      what else have i missed?

    10. BrianB says:


      If you live where I live, this is nothing new; it’s not even interesting, except for that Philippine- hong konger. That’s interesting. The details described by Brian is so-oh cliche. My mother have told me many times. Never hang out with the super rich.

    11. nash says:

      I disagree with this and it’s really annoying for people to preach about what not and what not to blog about.

      Blog whatever. It’s a blog.

      Critical reading and thinking – it applies to all formats, be it a blog, newspaper, or book.

      Stupid readers will look for weather forecasts on blogs, sensible ones to go a news site.

      Leave blogs alone! Focus on readers (not just of blogs) developing their critical thinking skills!

    12. vance says:

      hmm? Legal and medical advises are sometime generic enoough be blog about just not about the on going trials.. You can give legal advise naman diba plus you can use a nickname if you don’t want everyone to know who you are..

    13. Donkey Kang says:

      I do think you should brag about new gadgets that you buy. Who agrees with me on this one?

    14. Andrew says:

      Blogging about something you know nothing about is the worst thing in the world. So yeah, don’t blog about that, or, you can fake it, just make sure you get away with it.

    15. Frieda says:

      With havin so much written content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement?
      My site has a lot of unique content I’ve either authored myself or
      outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up
      all over the web without my permission. Do you know any ways to
      help prevent content from being ripped off? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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