A conversation with a Text Scammer

A conversation with a Text Scammer

Every now and then, we’d get this seemingly random text messages about a supposed relative checking in on us and updating us with her new number — “kamusta na kyo dyan? eto na pala new number ko. plx txt back“.

A lot of people still fall for this kind of scams (see how they make money out of this here). In a recent text message of this kind, I thought I’d indulge the scammer and play along to see how much effort they’d put into this.

0915.214.8613: E2 n new # ko. Kmusta n kyo dyan lahat.Anu blita dyan. Txtbk.

Me: Ok naman te. Eto mejo ok na rin. San ka now te? tagal mo di nakabalita a.

0915.214.8613: D2 ako s work. Plodan muna ako at wla plodn d2.

Me: Magkano te? papuntahan ko sa labas kung bukas pa.

0915.214.8613: 150 ang plod mo.


Me: Ok te. Teka lang ha.

Me: Musta sin kua wil jan te? Tsaka si bunso?

0915.214.8613: Ok lng naman sla d2, kmusta mo ako dyn.

0915.214.8613: Nsn n ung lod ko?

The whole conversation took about 64 minutes in total (I delayed most of my responses). That’s 1 hour of time the scammer wasted for nothing — an hour he could have used to really scam others.

Was thinking — in a more crowd-sourcing kind of way — if others can also take some time and waste this scammers time, then it might just frustrate them and make them think their MO isn’t cost effective. Imagine if at least 100 people pretend to have a conversation with a scammer for one day just to make them busy, the promise of Php150 load might seem un-interesting.

Do you have your own text scam story to tell? Aside from SIM card registration (see Senate Bill here), I can’t think of anything else to help curb this problem.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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91 Responses

  1. JKisaragi says:

    I had an encounter with a similar cretin once.

    Sent me a message asking as to how we are, of course, their style is to lead you on thinking that they’re your friends or relatives. So what I did was I just hopped on his jolly scam-ride and played with him. At the start of the conversation I asked him if he was our “Uncle Alfred”, and he in turn “confirmed” it was him. Funny thing was, at the end of our conversation, I told him we don’t have an “Uncle Alfred” and that he messed with the wrong person. Of course, I sprinkled that last message with cuss words here and there.

    They’re not the only ones who can screw other people over. :)

  2. techie_kuno says:

    thanks for the idea sir yuga, i will do the same the next time i get to receive a text scam like this once again. i happen to receive a text scam like this twice already, what i do is to curse them to hell,

  3. Mon says:

    What I would usually do is report these scammers to my service provider (Globe) via Twitter. The hassle here is Globe actually asks you for the exact spam message. Gagawin ka pang typist.

    I’ve always insisted to Globe that perhaps with the numerous spam text reports I already filed with them, maybe by this time, they could flag my contact details as loyal&vigilant subscriber.Doing this,I wish I could skip the retyping of spam text part.They could verify in their system anyway if my spam text report is consistent with the SMS activity of the particular number I reported as sending spam SMS at that point in time.

    Sometimes, I can’t help but think that Globe won’t make spam reporting just a bit easier because they’re making money out of such M.O.’s as well.

    It’s like reporting unscrupulous activities to the previous Ombudsman; but that’s another story.

  4. nameless says:

    Aside from simcard registration bill, there will always be an idea how to stop that scam.

    Technology nowadays are able to locate the culprit’s location using mobile networks. It’s just that, our law prohibited it. But for national security, the government could use that.

  5. deuts says:

    These unli promos are to blame about it. Or better yet, telcos should just make it easier to flag cell numbers as spammer, just as you flag email messages as spam in gmail or any other webmail service.

  6. Zg says:

    We Filipinos are so GENEROUS. It’s funny to think that with an abundant information about that scam on the news still many people are falling for that. It’s either they don’t watch the news or they only want to spend their money on worthless scams.

  7. YuYu says:

    however, that tactic also eats up your personal time, which i know is more precious that the scammer’s.

  8. Wouldn’t even waste a single peso on a scammer.

  9. Cheftonio says:

    nice one! hahaha! Also did this once before lol

  10. ambinp says:

    haha i usually do that also.it’s fun giving false hope to those crooks tapos mura murahin sa huli.LOL

  11. ambinp says:

    haha i usually do that also.giving false hope to those crooks is fun.and cursing them for finale is even funner.LOL

  12. nikki says:

    tex scammer: honey, e2 na ang new ROAMING NO. natangggap nyu na ba ung padala q ? paloadan mo muna aq ng P150 para makapagusap tayo.

    this is very famous !!

  13. Christian says:

    haha! kawawang text scammer! Hindi niya alam na matalino yung niloloko niya.

  14. Frances says:

    I’ve never thought of doing this. By default I just ignore the message and block number of the sender. But I might try this some time, just for fun.

  15. nikki says:

    i was waiting for the SIM card registration thing too ! i remember how they sell all kinds of sim cards here, you can see sellers in every crowded place and it was sold for only P20-P75 especially when its expiration date is near.

  16. Larry M. says:

    I also received this kind of text a few months ago!
    And to think na my friend just left the country, I thought it was him.
    Pero hindi ako naloko.
    Nagduda ako kasi bat humihingi ng load.
    Kaya sabi ko, ikaw ba si Mark?
    Sabi nya oo daw.
    Then nag-reply ako, cge nga kung ikaw si Mark, ano ang Surname mo!

    Hindi na nag-reply!
    Buti na lang hindi ako naloko!

    Still, I think gullible people might be scammed by these assholes!

    • Benchmark says:

      Buti di nag reply Mark O. Manloloko….heheheh

      we should be vigilant talaga… Kaya naman ng Telcos i-block yang mga spammers na yan eh…yet It will be considered deactivated numbers then mababawasan yung milliones nilang subscriber…plus they are earning din naman sa mga scammers na yan, why will they bother deactivating them.

  17. Jia says:

    Scammer: e2 na bago qng roaming num. Hintayin nyo na lang yng package na pinadala ko.

    Me: Ang kapal din ng mukha mo magparamdam, pagkatapos ng sampung taon! Wala kang kwenta! (pretending s/he’s my partner)

    Scammer: pasensya ka na, nakulong kasi ako.

    *that made me really laugh!*

    Recently someone texted me again and tried to play along again

    Scammer: e2 na bago kong roaming num. Hintayin nyo padala ko. Miss ko na kayo!

    Me: ate vicky!!! Kamusta ka na dyan?

    Scammer: ok lang naman. Kayo kamusta na kayo? Miss ko na kayo!

    Me: eto medyo ok naman. Ate wala na ko load, padalahan mo naman ako. (intentionally did this so I can catch him already)

    Scammer: wala na din ako load. Gusto mo ba kumita? (this is where he got my attention! New style! *at least for me* since i said in my previous txt that i don’t have credits already i intentionally delayed my reply)

    Me: nagpapasa lang ako ng 5ph. Ano naman gagawin ko?

    Scammer: padalahan mo ko ng dalawang 500 na globe at dalawang 500 ng smart. Bebenta ko dito yan tas may kita ka na. (kaching! There you go)

    Pretending that I’ll fall for their scam is fun! You make a fool out of them! ;))

    • Benchmark says:

      sana you send a bluff pin code ng call card…hehehe para sumakit ulo nya kakatry nung pins na binigay mo hahahah

      sobrang swerte nga lang ng scammer na yun if the pins you gave nag-ok…but that’s one in a billion hehehe

  18. mememe says:


    ME: di kita mapaloadan, nasa bus ako.

    SCAMMER: pagbaba mo na lang.

    ME: papunta ko bicol, matatagalan pa ko bumaba.

    SCAMMER: ok lang, wait ko.

    ME: text ko na lang ofismate ko’ng nagloload. kaya lang globe yun. eh naka unli txt lang ako sa smart, di ko sya mattxt. pasaload mo muna ko kahit 5 pesos lang.


    SCAMMER: rcv mo na pasaload? asan na load ko?

    ME: (pretending to be my husband) tigilan mo na pagttxt sa asawa ko.sino ka ba..etc…


    (di ko tuloy alam sino scammer saming 2. hehehe. ako pa nakakuha ng 5 pesos sa kanya..)

    • Benchmark says:

      HAHAHAHA this made me laugh! Ayus ha! Kayo pa nakakuha ng load sa kanya….that can be…kahit a small portion lang, maramdamam ng scammers na-scam din sya! HAHAHAHA

    • nameless says:

      nice one! but they will be smarter next time. so you have to do something new again.

      BTW, it’s useless to block their number.. they will always change their numbers. tss.

    • Jologs says:

      This is so funny! Buti nga sa kanya and good for you na nakagoyo ka pa sa kanya kahit 5php. Hehehe. Bwiset mga scammer na yan!

  19. There is one time that I receive this text message accusing me as a member of budol-budol. For many days, these cretins keep on sending threats. They said that they got my picture and the police are looking for me. I don’t reply to their messages.

    They are using different cellphone numbers. In their last message, their is someone who posed as a person who want to be my textmate.

    That is the time that I decided to get a new sim and have a new cellphone number.

  20. Dylan says:

    I had this experience last month. It’s not a text scammer but still as abusive. The first text message I got read: “ULOL!” Probably just a some jerk with nothing to do I thought.

    I couple of hours passed and that same number is calling me now. I answered thinking that it was a friend playing a joke on me. I kept saying hello, hello but no answer so I hung up. A few minutes later, it called again but still no one answered me.

    Then this text came: “PAPATAY KITA! GAGO! ULOL!” That’s the first ever death threat I got and it’s very unsettling. I’m using a postpaid line and I’m not the first to use my phone number. Maybe it’s for the first owner I thought. But still, it kept me thinking and worrying all night. I didn’t want to reply or call the number thinking that that would provoke even more threats.

    The next day, my friend tried calling the number using a different phone. Someone answered and it was someone from a BDO collections agency. I was like WTF?!

    Anyways, I decided not to confront whoever that guy is. I want to file a complaint against BDO but I’m not sure where or if its even worth it. Luckily, that number never texted or called me again.

    Still, this is one situation that’s not to be taken likely.


    • Benchmark says:

      Perhaps he/she had a bad experience when dealing with their client (probably the first owner of the postpaid plan).

      But then again, you can complain it to BDO since it was registered to them, probably it’s one of their official line and they are using it for their personal vendetta.

  21. Jerome G. says:

    No amount of technology can fix social engineering manipulation such as text scams. There will always be a born loser every minute.

  22. mark says:

    i also had a conversation with a scammer

    scammer: E2 n new # ko. Kmusta n kyo dyan lahat.
    me: juan ikaw ba yan?
    scammer: oo ako ito, ano balita dyan..
    me: bad news juan, patay na mga magulang mo..
    scammer: no more reply…


  23. Benchmark says:

    hmmm I will try nga din to do these things…I mean if my time is free, got load to spend, maki-ride sa scamming nila, and perhaps ma-scam din sila…atleast in a short span of time na hinde sya makapanloko ng iba, you made a difference on that one di ba?

  24. Edwin C says:

    But, Yuga, you also wasted 1 hour of your time conversing with this idiot. In my case, what I would usually do if I recieved a msg like this is I send it back to him his own msg.

    • Abiel says:

      Not sure about wasted time… he got to post an article that got 26 comments already. So 1 hours would probably worth it. :)

      This really gave me an idea… only if I get to receive scam text here in KSA. :)

  25. Kaya im ok with the sim registration bill, it makes everyone transparent. The unli offers from the telcos made this scam more abusive, some would even miss call you at night! then hit you with a text.

  26. Jon says:

    Hmm. I’ve received a lot of similar texts. I don’t have time to waste, so I ignore the message. When these scammers catch me on a bad mood though, I “sms bomb” them. I have unlimited texting so I send them several messages. I’m sure it would overwhelm them for a while somehow.

  27. NeoJohan says:

    When someone texted me and the number is not registered, I always reply with this message. “Who’s this?”
    We should be sure who we are texting with nowadays.

  28. SpiderHam says:

    its been a long MO for quite some time.
    another variant of this scam is from a lawyer of any foundation/organization (like manny pacquiao foundation) telling you’ve won a raffle.
    by the way here’s an entry I have posted more than a year ago:

  29. Mikhail says:

    What if it’s a sex scam? I usually receive something like “sex tau my place.”

    Do you have any idea how to respond? I just downloaded an app that will block the number, but sometimes i really want to get back at them, i just don’t know how to. I’m afraid by replying to them in a profane way will just add to their benefit.

  30. bOkz says:

    IMO, just don’t reply. Replying means that the number(your number) is active and that scammer can always try again and caught you off guard.

  31. jediekins says:

    LOL pero teka aanhin ba nila yung 150 load? di naman na nila macconvert to cash yun diba? so ganun din iikot lang din yung load na yun pang unli nila para maka pang loko.:)) for short nag sasayang lang sila ng oras at pinapa yaman lang nila lalo ang globe/smart. :)) smh

  32. The Lion says:

    hmmm…nice idea. Will try this when I get the chance…screwing scammers is fun.

  33. tootsie says:

    You just gave me an idea.. :)

  34. index1php says:

    dalawa lang klase ng tao sa mundo! MANLOLOKO at yung NAGPAPALOKO… :-) yuga u wasted 1hr. of your precious time… sino ka sa dalawa…? IGNORE mo nalang….

  35. techie_kuno says:

    Reading all the comments w/ their stories shared that made me laugh too, would teach us new learning on how to treat and respond to these scammers.Even a scammers can be scam too like *mememe did. Thanks guys for the ideas!!! Ma-try din minsan, lol.

  36. Chris says:

    nakatanggap din ako message na ganyan noon especially un roaming number dw ..hehe ,, after niya managamusta sinabhn ko wala na kmi pera dito tita padala po kayo..hehe

  37. koobface says:

    just now, my mom texted me asking if I’m in the office. Here’s our conversation.

    Ma: Nasa office ka ba ngayon?
    Me: opo.
    Ma: May nag text kasi skn, nsa ospital ka daw at mga ksama mo.
    Me: Hindi po, andito po ko sa office at kumakain ng turon. :)

    I call her up for she not to worry. However, she told me that “Syempre d ko nreplyan. Kala naman nya maloloko nya ko, e mas loko-loko ako sa kanya” hehehe


  38. luiboowee says:

    haha! ginawa ko rin ito. Since naka-unli naman ako nakipaglaro na din ako. Tapos ang finale ko: “You’re location has been detected. NBI is on their way for a man hunt operation.” hahaha!

    • syntax says:

      same here. i’m doing the exact thing you did ever since my first encounter with a scammer. not only that, i called the scammer’s number using another number…and i responded a “hello, papatayin kitang g*gong scammer ka!” with a monotonous voice.

      the scammer turned the phone down; maybe he pissed on his pants because he’s way too scared.

  39. oj says:

    just minutes after reading this blog, i myself received this text message…

    +639388105892:d2 mag reply cp#09158812737 load mo e2 150

  40. walang imik says:

    sorry to say, bobo lang madadali ng mga scammer na yan….

  41. leeto says:

    Ako naman ang text natanggap ko ay yong nanalo daw ako sa lotto ng P450,000.00 at dapat padalhan ko daw sya ng pera para makuha ko ang prize. Syempre sanay na ako sa mga lokohan na ganito, at sinagot ko sya na kunin na lang nya ang P449,000.00 at sa akin na lang ang P1,000.00 at sobra pa yon sa hinihingi nya na pera na i-padala ko daw sa kanya. Eh yon, di na nagtext. akala nya maloloko nya ako. Common sense na lang, eh paano ako mananalo sa lotto na di naman ako tumataya. Pero ang dami pa rin ang naloloko.

  42. Matthew says:

    (this is inspired by: mememe)

    may nagtext sa globe number ko

    +639277035458: Musta Na Kau lhat? e2 nga pala bgo roaming number ko d2 n kau txt ok lang ako d2 alam nyo mis kna kau.txtbk

    tpos gumamit ako ng ibang phone (considering madaming tao ang pinapadalhan nila)
    so nagreply ako using ung pinaglumaan kong tm na sim

    Me: nagtext ka dun sa number ko. asan ka na. anyway may bago na pala akong girlfriend :))
    +639277035458: Congrts jeje. andto p aq sa work. pwede mo b k loadan 150
    Me: wala na akong load at nasa meeting ako
    +639277035458: cge inty k matapos
    Me: gabi na matatapos un wala nang bukas na tindahan. May kaibigan ako nagloload kaya lng sun siya
    +639277035458: cge paloadan mo nalang ung sun ko eto number ko ***********
    Me: send mo ako regular load para text ko siya and expired na pala unli ko

    (Nagsend nga ng load 25php)

    +639277035458: nareceive m ung lnoad k sau na 30pesos? Magunli ka uulit para matext mo ko. yan ha intayin ko na load ko
    Me: di naman 30 ah 25 lang. cge wait lang
    +639277035458: tgl nmn
    Me: di nga nagrereply e send mo pa ko load tatawagan ko
    +639277035458: w8 lang papaload muna ko

    (aba ang ***** magpapaload daw)
    (pinadalhan ako 30 pesos)

    +639277035458: nareceive m ung 150?

    Me: nareceive mo ung 150? ou nga pala may paloadan naman pala diyan bakit kailangan ako pa magload sayo :) Thank you sa P55 haha

    +639277035458: ******-*** MO!

    then ipinasa ko ung 50 pesos dun sa globe ko

    COMPUTATION: nagsulitxt 5 ako dun sa tm ko 25 texts

    5 pesos – SULITXT5 (initial gastos)

    1 peso – transaction fee ng share a load
    Tpos may naiwan na 4 peso sa tm ko
    So ung globe ko may 50 pesos load na

    • jojo says:

      good job

    • Jim Lim says:

      kasinungalingan! daig mo pa ang scammer sa imbento mong kwento.

    • Matthew says:

      sir walang imbernto diyan. nakastore yan sa phone ko conversation mode

    • Jim Lim says:

      ok ka lang? sa dating ng story mo, kwentong kutsero. wag ka ng magkalat ng imbentong kwento, lumalabas na scammer ka in your own way. wag na magsinungaling ha?

    • Matthew says:

      Ok No Offense here but if you don’t believe me. I won’t get credit if I were to prove to you that this actually taken place.

      Posted this to inspire others now if you don’t believe it then leave this post alone

      Thank You,

    • Totem says:


  43. noname says:

    ako whenever i received this kind of text i always send them 1 peso load. the funny thing is sila p galit. nag send k n nga piso wala p ne thank you

  44. appsolute says:

    absolutely, these kind of scammers are the dumbest people i’ve seen in my life. what they want from you is your money. i’ll curse these scammers all of my life and i’ll hope they will learn their lesson in hell.

  45. yui says:

    when i’m bored, dealing with these kind of scammers is really a fun game for me. i love to keep them waiting like an “asong ulol”.

    tricking a scammer is fun as long as you know how to trick them like a dog. what yuga did is a good example.

    deal with the scammer and then keep them waiting for nothing.

  46. gen uy says:

    i had different kinds of messages received before..

    i received a message in my Suncel number that it’s his new number raw and was asking if kamusta na kami dito. (the number’s also a Suncel). my officemate and i replied and said ok lang kami dito and asked back kung kamusta rin sya. then later on was asking for a load. sakto we got a used card for load. so we replied, “sige, eto yung call card no. and pin number. pero unlimited text ng sun to sun lang yan hah.” the scammer didn’t reply back.

    then another incident was when i received a message in my post-paid number ng Smart, saying that i won a certain amount and for loading up continuously. funny coz just the day before that, my officemate who also have a post-paid number, received the same message but with different amount nga lang. so i replied and said, “ako pa ba ang lolokohin mo?” the scammer replied na hindi raw nya ako niloloko and i really did win, but i have to claim it raw. sabi ko tigil-tigilan nya ako dahil hindi ako nagpapaload ever. nagreply na totoo raw yung message nya. i lastly replied, “try that on those with prepaid, baka believable pa, but not with someone na naka-post-paid” (perhaps it was a sent to all message? whatever!)

    but it’s all up to us pa rin at the end of the day how we’ll deal with it. just be vigilant and be very cautious with what to say and not to say.

  47. Kulam says:

    Best revenge is to ignore them.

  48. Eason says:

    Its just like the facebook scam, too doubtful to believe but people still CLICK away!

  49. Em Zarate says:

    here in Switzerland, sim cards cost 120 CHF(thats around 6000 pesos) but ofcourse it contains 120 CHF worth of credits.

    kung di man mapasa yung sim card registration bill i think an alternative is to make sim cards expensive para people would able to get their hands on it that easily

    i’d say 3000 pesos for a sim with 3000 pesos worth of credits valid for 6 months sounds fair

    • ilovesmilo says:

      i agree with you, sim cards here are a price of a donut. everyone can afford, so everyone has the idea to do anything with that simcard. the lowest price i’ve seen is 35 pesos. I guess that’s sun cel.

    • Matthew says:

      Nice sir I think 3000 pesos not enough for me to consume for 6 months so lets make it a year I guess.

      Very nice thoughts sir

  50. gen uy says:

    before having a cellphone got hyped up in the market, ang mahal ng SIM card before. ngayon for 50 pesos makakabili ka na.

    • nel says:

      I remember 1 SIM card before is worth P500 and the cheapest load before is P300 call and text card that was way back year 2000-2001 I think, now you can buy a SIM for P10, and and in Smart you can make utang of P4 load :)

  51. SpiderHam says:

    you know what makes this people good in scamming other people? 2 things, greed and stupidity. people fall for their scheme because there is usually money (or package) involved and without thinking they give in to the request of the scammers of sending them load.

    good thing that we can give them a taste of their own medicine since they are also greedy and stupid.

  52. i’ve received a lot of texts from scammers. the first one i’ve received, I almost went out at 10pm to buy load for the sender, thinking it was my mother abroad… good thing i was too lazy that time, and something at the back of my mind said it was kinda weird, since my mother never perfected the usual texting style…

    Your suggestion is a good idea to stall these scammers…

  53. Kaloy says:

    dapat kasi ibalik na mahal ang SIM at dapat need ng registration just like postpaid. kung magiging Php1k siguro presyo ng sim malamang mag line sa lang sila for as low as 299 (via Globe). dapat lahat ng CP user naka rehistro ang sim para matigal na mga scammers. whats stopping this mobile companies from doing this sim registration

  54. Jovin says:

    I usually just reply by saying how they’re the scum of society and that people like them who victimize people out of their hard earned money are the reason for our country’s hardship

  55. Bryan says:

    The scammer got scammed. hehehe

  56. pls see my blog, i just have 4 entries there. you can read my blog regarding the text scam since i was a victim before.

  57. sotwilight_fan says:

    my blog is kumakaliwa.wordpess.com

  58. kyle says:

    ive tried this before din sa ganyan na scammer din, sinasabi ko napa load kona 300 pa nga pinaload ko sayo. hehehhe

  59. qwertbvcxzi says:


  60. immobulus says:

    haha had a similar experience not too long ago, and i think i made the scammer really REALLY frustrated. we had a good laugh with this experience

    i told him i’d buy a card and send him the pin and he replied in an instant “sige antayin ko isend mo na” then i sent a message that contained:

    “############# #########
    o ayan tita yung pin ng card,
    paki-kiskis nalang ha?”

    and the scammer never texted back.sweet. hehe

  61. Erik Gatmaitan says:

    either naka UNLI TEXT or ALL TEXT yang mga scammer… so your advise at the end of your article is useless.

  62. Harvey says:

    i once have Globe blocked a spammer telling me I won in their Charity sweepstake draw. Na-blocked naman kasi after a week I tried to call the number pero d na maka-connect. BTW, sa Globe CS ko siya nireport thru email. Actually, from Globe FB account ko ata nakuha then after reporting different case there eh nagreply sila thru email. So from time to time pag may problem eh nagrereport ako sa CS nila. Sumasagot naman sila at mas ok kaysa thru phone.

  63. oj says:

    I just ignore them. Giving them more than three seconds of thought and they would’ve won by some degree by taking too much of your time and effort.

  64. Ivan says:

    i got a scam message like this before: this is how our conversation go…

    scammer: hello. kmusta na kayo lahat diyan. eto na new # ko.

    me: kuya robert, ikaw ba yan?

    scammer: oo, ako nga. kumusta na kyo? padalan niyo naman ako ng load dito sa # ko

    me: o cge, wait ka lang. kumusta na pala pagiging hosto mo sa japan?

    (no reply after a few minutes)

    scammer: o, nasan na load ko?

    me: atat ka naman masyado. di ka ba binibigyan ng load diyan ng mga customer mong mga matrona at bading?

    (scammer never replied again)


  65. Alwin says:

    that was funny! might give that a try someday… LOL!

  66. Lem says:

    haha.. I had a similar experience once, pero nung nangamusta na yung scammer sinabihan ko ng sobrang daming problema. tameme sya. LOL

    some of the problems I mentioned was Ate got pregnant and eloped due to shame, bunso and Mama were not talking anymore, I suspected Kuya of being a drug-addict because of sudden change in behavior. hahahhahahahah HE NEVER HAD THE GUTS TO ASK FOR LOAD! =))

  67. jediekins says:

    argh! badtrip kahapon na scam mom ko! kasi meron siyang pang smart load. may nagtext na pari daw siya nag paload ng 600php!! eh mom ko friendly at marami siyang friends. at may pari friends din siya. tapos yun niloadan niya.kainis. kapatid ko kasi ni update phone ng mom ko without backing up the contacts kaya yun na isahan mom ko.

    grabe kapal ng muka niya nagkunwari pang pari. di man lang natakot kay God. lols aanhin naman niya ang 600 load? eh diba hindi na na cconvert into cash yun?

  68. Dino Amparo says:

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