YugaDeals: Php1,000 off Huawei E5

YugaDeals: Php1,000 off Huawei E5

I think most of you are already familiar with the Huawei E5 so there’s no need for an introduction. We’re able to negotiate and get Php1,000 off the regular price of Php,5995.

The specific model we got is the Huawei E5836s.


We did a review here before. And yes, it’s openline.

Go get the deal here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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28 Responses

  1. deuts says:

    Great! I just bought one 2-weeks ago! LOL!

  2. Jhay says:

    I think it’s not safe to buy one, kasi Globe is going to release the 4g dongles and myfi devices pretty soon.

  3. Benchmark says:

    A lot of readers post the yugadeal is not a good deal…well here’s your answer! :-)

  4. jeo says:

    you can get it off ebayph for P5000 LOL

    well, i guess yugadeals is still a better deal, by 5 Pesos :)

  5. mark says:

    if we select pick-up, where can we get the unit? wondering whether to have it delivered or not…. thanks

  6. Hi, I just would like to ask if this will work in the US, using a T-Mobile, Virgin, or AT&T SIM Kit? Thanks! ;)

  7. RDS says:

    Holeh Moleh! I’m off!

  8. kebbot says:

    You can buy this at ebay for 5000 with free shipping…

  9. arj says:

    i have the mifi model e5832 from sun for 5k. is it openline? or can i use another sim to that mifi?

    • Benchmark says:

      if you are referring to this yuga deal, it says, “And yes, it’s openline.”

      Also probably it would work ib other country since it is open line.

  10. Ry says:

    Worth it ba talaga tong bilhin? :/

  11. kynce says:

    It’s kind of cheap.. this is a good deal! also I would do some reviews on this one on my blog.. thanks for the info

  12. There is a 4% Surcharge for Credit Card payment… o_0

  13. Bryan says:

    This promo price is the same with the regular Globe price. I hope sir Yuga and staff looked into this. It only differs to the unit’s openline state compared to globe’s.

    • yuga says:

      @bryan – I am told that Globe got the units from Huawei thru an x-deal so they were able to sell it that low (they call it tubong-lugaw?). Besides, the price of an unlocked unit is way different from a locked unit.

    • Bryan says:

      Thanks for the info sir…

  14. Jacob says:

    Can we benefit with the HSDPA+ of Globe by using this?

  15. Bryan says:

    Sir, when will the start of fulfilling online orders? Two days have past, I have not received any status for delivery. Any updates on deliveries? Thanks!

  16. Yup! Sent an e-mail already to their Support team awhile ago, just to ask when will they ship it out…I wish they could be more pro-active when it comes to these kinds of things.

  17. fax says:

    hi need to know if my smartbro usb plugit plan 999 sim will work for this unit???? thanks.

  18. Rickyjay says:

    sir . pde ba ito sa VPN ? kpag naginsert ako ng simcard sa wireless modem na yan . using VPN pde ko ba ito magamit ? thanks .

  19. Rickyjay says:

    sir . pde ba ito sa VPN ? kpag naginsert ako ng simcard sa wireless modem na yan . using VPN pde ko ba ito magamit ? thanks sir

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