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Was that not a hell week or what?

As of this morning, our little area here in Bangkal, Makati got power and phone lines back up. This was after dozens of trees have been cleared as well as a couple of really huge (as in tonnes!) of billboard steel frames crashing into electric posts and houses (including a bus in EDSA).


Lots of lessons learned here…

  • I can bear living without electricity but a day without water, even just for taking a bath, is almost unbearable.
  • It’s more comfortable to sleep in the car with the aircon, than sleep in a comfortable bed without one.
  • Scented candles aren’t just for decorations.
  • Even in times like these, people can still be very entrepreneurial — my brother was charging Php20 for people to charge their cellphones in the car and he made a few hundreds bucks out of it. Gas money!
  • Don’t stock too much food in the ref — we had to cook everything on the second day. Adobo was the popular meal because it lasts several days without getting spoiled.
  • It pays to have wifi accounts — thanks to my blog sponsors, AirborneAccess and Globe WiZ, I was able to get online for a couple of hours a day. And I thought Smart GPRS would have gotten its week of fame — naaahhh.

My car was practically my office the past couple of days and I couldn’t even get myself to post a snapshot of it here. *hehehe*

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6 Responses

  1. Dang. All our freezer’s contents got spoilt. Well, except for the tocino (sealed), that is. We weren’t able to cook the food because we had to take the kids to a cooler place. And we didn’t expect the outage to last that long.

    Anyway, I rant about Meralco here.

  2. eric says:

    naku ako din. adobo for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner.

    tsk tsk

  3. Noemi says:

    I saw that billboard responsible for the delay of your power restoration. Fortunately, our water is not dependent on electric power source. I can live without electricity but please, let there be water. Ugh, how did you survive?

  4. yuga says:

    There was a poso a block away and my brother goes back and forth whenever I want to take a bath. We drove up to Tagaytay for some fresh air and had to pay 300 bucks for a 3-hour apartelle just to get a nice and decent shower.

    When I couldn’t “make tiis” anymore, I checked in at the Renaissance beside GB3. Dang expensive, puno na kase sa iba eh.

  5. AnP says:

    I guess my parents and siblings were lucky. They had water the whole time and they had electricity by friday yata.

  6. kzap says:

    ughh renaissance sucks bad

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