Google PR Update: How did your blogs fare?

Google PR Update: How did your blogs fare?

Marc posted an update on PTB about a new Google PR Update on the way last Saturday and it looks like sites and blogs have already gotten new PR values now.

Here are some of the PR updates we got:

Pinoy Tech Blog
: PR5 -> PR6

Pinoy Travel Blog
: PR4 -> PR6

Pinoy Urban Blog
: PR3 -> PR5

Pinoy Top Blogs
: PR5 -> PR6


My isulong seoph page on the Smart Wifi blog was reduced from a PR8 to a PR7 while my other un-used domain got a PR6 after 4 months and right after the SEO Contest ended.

I kinda liked this update as they make a little more sense than the previous one. It’s also a good thing if you subscribe to TLA.

So, how did your blogs fare?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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12 Responses

  1. rnoldz says:

    went up from PR4 to PR5. and yes, it has impact to TLA ads. :-)

  2. kukote says:

    My personal blog went up from PR4 to PR5 and my textmates blog ( went up from PR0 to PR5. Pwede na akong magbenta ng links. hehehe.

  3. wyzemoro says:

    yung isulong seoph ko which ended #6 peru wala paring PR .. zero parin! waaaaaaaaa.

    my personal blog is still PR4 .. wala narin update eh.

  4. joni says:


    Every time I stumble upon this blog, I always wonder why you call yourself “yuga” and could it mean what I think it means? I just read your About page and my suspicion was confirmed. It is indeed the ilonggo word “Yuga”. I’m from Bacolod and I speak fluent Ilonggo that’s why I laughed when I read how you came up with the name. Hehe. Wala lng po.. daan lng. :)

  5. Noemi says:

    my personal blog at PR 5. Same PR for my other blogs ranging from PR 5 to PR 6. Nothing went up nor down.

  6. vonjobi says:

    PR5 to PR6. too bad TLA doesn’t support blogger =(

  7. jayvee f. says:

    A Bugged Life — PR 4 to PR 5 :)

  8. vonjobi says:

    weird. shows 5 on the button on my blog, but 6 on its own website. but since the google toolbar shows 5, too, then i suppose i rejoiced too soon.

  9. vonjobi says:

    hmmm… now the google toolbar is showing PR 6. ano ba talaga kuya? =)

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