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Thanks to YugaTech readers who went to the Toshiba Launch

It was our first offline event where we invited some of our readers to join us in a consumer launch. The event was hosted by Toshiba Philippines and instead of inviting the general public, they made it exclusive to our readers only. Here are some photos taken during the event.

Despite my absence on the event itself, my entire editorial team was there to meet and greet all our readers and followers (Unfortunately, I was in London for a media coverage).

We lost track headcount but I was told the place was packed (I was closely monitoring the events via Twitter and Facebook).

Toshiba introduced their new laptops running on the latest Intel Haswell chips. Base don the photos, they’ve also exposed the units into some stress tests — using the lid of the laptop as chopping board and even asking one of our team mates to stand atop and jump on a laptop.

Toshiba Philippines also gave away some stuff to our readers, one went home with a brand new LED TV.

We also asked our friends from Show My Shirt to make us a dozen limited-edition YugaTech shirts (you can check them on their FB Page here).

I believe everyone who attended had a good time, went home with a full stomach and enjoyed the giveaways. Thanks to Toshiba Philippines for letting our readers and followers experience this and for graciously giving away stuff.

I hear everybody loved the hoodies. We’ll be putting up an online store for merchandises soon!

I hope some of our readers had a good glimpse of what we do in our regular media coverage on the field. We receive a lot of requests from readers, followers and fans if they could attend or proxy in our behalf whenever we have trips or events that we’re invited to. This was the closest we could do and we’re able to bring not just one but a several dozens too.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. Abel Villos says:

    Wow! I like the YugaTech shirts!

  2. I want to attend most of all the tech events like that. Please invite me and give me a chance…heheh

  3. Hi Yugatech, as the IT Administrator & OIC of the IT Dept. of Red Cross, I’m quite sad that I missed this event. I’ve been recommending Toshiba notebooks now and then in our deployments nationwide and attending that event might have been extremely useful to our organization.

  4. Raul Barrios says:

    Wow, nice shirt and Jacket. Giveaways, giveaways! :)

  5. Ray says:

    Ouch! Sayang talaga. Kainis!

  6. Ynal says:

    Wow! Iba na talaga ang Yugatech.

  7. Joseph John Cezar says:

    Woah, kaka inggit yung hoodie sir yuga. >.<
    Sana may event rn dito sa Cebu.

  8. Randy M. says:

    Padalhan mo naman ako ng hoodie. hehe! TIA!


  9. don says:

    masarap yun food. sobra. :)

    kuripot lang yun Toshiba. dapat nag pamigay din ng laptops. :)

  10. Abed M. says:

    I want the hoodie jacket. Anyway masarap nga yung foods. Haha at nasa picture pa ako. Thanks YugaTech and Toshiba. :)

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