5 Scary Things That Can Happen to Your Gadgets

5 Scary Things That Can Happen to Your Gadgets

Scary experiences aren’t always about people or the paranormal, they also occur to gadgets that we use every day like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and PCs. Although not always hair-raising, these are something we hope we don’t experience. Here are five scary things that can happen to your gadgets.

1. BSOD / Bricked device

Also known as the Blue Screen of Death, is that dreaded error screen that appears when a computer experiences a fatal crash. A lot of things can cause BSOD and it ranges from faulty software to malfunctioning hardware. A system often recovers after a BSOD, however, if you’re working on something like editing photos and videos, writing a 1000-word article, or gaming, expect to lose your progress. For smaller devices though like smartphones, bricking your device is even more fatal as it can render it useless.

2. No or expired warranty

Gadget warranties usually cover the first year. If anything happens, like a defective hardware, the manufacturer can simply replace or fix it for free. The scary part is when the defect appears after the warranty period. The same thing if it didn’t have any manufacturer’s warranty when you bought the gadget. When that happens, you will have to pay for repairs.

3. Water damage


Electronic devices hate water. If it gets wet, it’s more likely to malfunction or break. Not to mention, most warranties don’t cover water damage. If your device is water-resistant like select high-end smartphones or has water-proofing capabilities like most action cams, you can worry less, otherwise, keep them away from water.

4. Accidental drops

Photo by itschism (Reddit)

Have you had that experience when you’re holding your spanking new smartphone then it suddenly slipped from your hand and landed on the pavement face down? That split second is enough to raise your blood pressure and turn your stomach upside down. The despair doesn’t end there though especially when you discover that it has a cracked screen.

5. Exploding devices

I know, you’ve heard of this plenty of times for the past months, but we have to admit that malfunctioning devices (you know what I’m talking about) that explode are the scariest as it can cause injuries and put other people’s lives at risk. What makes it worse is that you don’t know when it will happen and what causes it.

And that sums it up. Have you experienced any of these? If you have other scary experiences with your gadgets feel free to share them in the comments below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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3 Responses

  1. john says:

    dapat kasama yung manakaw eh! :) hahaha

  2. Just Sayin' says:

    Some more scary things that could happen…

    Faulty memory/motherboard ala Galaxy S2/LG G4, getting your device stolen/sat on/hacked, getting your device repaired that requires you to lose all your data…

    • ex flarex user says:

      faulty motherboard is the worst. lalo na yang sa lg g4, ayaw ng lg mismo palitan, di manlang nagkaron ng global recall since di nila alam kung bakit nagkakaganon

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