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Apps for Emergencies, Safety and Security

Emergencies could happen anytime. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. We can never predict when emergencies will happen, but we can always prepare ourselves ahead of time. Having said that, why don’t you equip your phones with emergency apps and have your digital protection, which you may carry anywhere for your safety. You can gear up your smartphone with these apps for your safety and security:

First Aid and Emergency Techniques

When emergencies happen, first aid could be the first and immediate assistance people can do. It is also vital to save lives. Therefore, having this app could be a useful assistant, which may provide essential information about first aid as well as techniques in case of emergencies. It features not just information but also guides and tips on how to respond to specific emergencies. It features first-aid myths, first-aid basics, emergency response, preventive measures, common in-home incidents, outdoor events, and many more.

Download: Android

Samsung 321

Samsung Philippines introduced the Samsung 321 app, which is designed to provide information about the nearest emergency services within the 5km radius from the user’s location. This app allows users to contact police stations, fire stations, national disaster hotlines, medical assistance, motor, and traffic assistance as well as the Philippine Red Cross. It also has the option to call 911 and even provides COVID hotline numbers. This app can be downloaded for free, even on non-Samsung devices.

Download: Android

Earthquake Alert! App

An app like Earthquake Alert could also be helpful as it provides information about the occurrence of earthquakes in the world. It could also filter earthquake updates near you. This could be a guide for people to remain alert and notified of the latest updates regarding earthquakes. This app can be downloaded for free.

Download: Android

bSafe – Personal Safety App

The bSafe is a personal safety app that features an SOS button, voice activation, live streaming, fake call, location sharer, and timer alarm. It could function as a personal gear, especially during threatening situations. It can be connected to other people, including those whom you trust and who to contact in case of emergencies. The bSafe app can be downloaded for free, but some of its features can be unlocked with a premium subscription.

Download: Android

Emergency Sounds 2.0

Whistles are also being used as one of the essential things we can prepare that we can use in case of emergencies. It serves as an attention caller to alert other people that someone needs help. With that said, having this Emergency Sounds 2.0 app on your smartphone can be an alternative to catch other people’s attention or call for SOS. It has different sounds, such as alarms, buzzer, siren, and others. This app is also free of charge and is available for Android users.

Download: Android

ICE – In Case of Emergency

This app works as a notification visible to the lock screen. It works like a medic alert bracelet. The notification contains necessary information about the user, including some details of its medical condition, as well as persons to contact in case of an emergency. It provides quick information needed, especially during emergencies, without the need to scan through the whole device. ICE can be downloaded on Android for free.

Download: Android

That’s it! Those apps could be helpful but don’t forget to prepare yourself physically. Be ready! Plan with your family about what to do and where to go when an emergency occurs, prepare your personal Go Bag as well as essential things including documents and others, and earn more knowledge about how to respond to different situations, including typhoons, fire, earthquakes, and other emergencies. Always remember to stay calm, remain alert, and be safe!

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