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Apps to help you take care of your plants

Taking care of plants has become more popular during this pandemic. Going along with this norm isn’t easy especially for those who find it difficult to survive a single plant, because yeah, let’s admit not everyone is naturally gifted with a green thumb. However, having a virtual guide like a plant app may be a good start to learn more about plants, and for you to be one step closer to becoming a successful plantito or plantita. Here are 5 apps for your plant-caring needs:

Garden Answers

Knowing your plants may help you get closer to them. Through Garden Answers, you will be able to identify your plant instantly by simply taking a photo of it. It can identify a plant with a photo of its flower, seed, or leaves. It provides more in-depth information about your plants including the botanical name, common name as well other notable things about them. You may also save your favorite plants and review recent search history. Not just that, but it can provide answers to your concerns regarding your plant problems through its Ask a Horticulturist feature which may respond in 24 hours.

Download:  iOS | Android

Plantiary: Plant Care and Water Reminder

A planting assistant like Plantiary may also be essential for your gardening. From the app name itself, it seems like this app works as a plant diary. Through this app, you may log your plants by indicating their name and location at home, whether indoor or outdoor. It features plant caring reminders wherein you can set time when to water or fertilize them. Moreover, you may also create a plant list and organize them with photos for easier identification. It also gives tips on notifications to learn more about planting and taking care of them.

Download: iOS | Android

Vera: Plant Care App 

Another app for plant care is Vera. Its feature includes the capability to set up your plant profiles and their watering schedule. This is to ensure that you won’t forget about your planting responsibilities. Plant profiles include plant image, name, location, acquisition date, special instructions, and plant type.

Download: iOS | Android

Plantix – your crop doctor

Plants may not be feeling well too. With that said, you may get the Plantix app as your plants’ doctor. It is a mobile crop advisory app recommended for farmers and gardeners. Through Plantix, you may get to know the problem with your plants and a solution as well. It works by taking a photo of your crop to detect diseases and receive treatment advice. Also, it also has a community with other gardeners who may also give their thoughts and advice about plant care.

Download: Android

My Jungle House Plant Care 


Another plant care app for reminding and scheduling is My Jungle. Through this app, you may create your own virtual jungle, edit your plants, give them nicknames, and even search for other plants in the library. With this, you may get to see and update your plant’s profile. It also features a library for information about plants that you may not know about.

Download: Android

There you have it! These apps may just serve as a guide, but remember, the fate of your planting journey is still in your hands. Perhaps with more knowledge, patience, and love for plants, your efforts in taking care of them will pay off. Good luck with your journey as a  plantito/plantita!

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