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Cool gadgets you can buy at CD-R King online


The CDR-King has been one of the go-to places for affordable, tech-related stuff. Times have changed, and so this yellow and blue retail store. They’ve made their way to build an online presence in Lazada, making the shop more accessible to customers. Also, they’ve updated their product lineup too. We’ve found some very unusual items that caught our attention.

Cd R King Items 8 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

Author’s note: Items listed below are in no particular order. You can find all the items on CDR-King’s Lazada page

Film Scanner

Cd R King Items 3 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

Photographers with film cameras might be having a hard time scanning their rolls digitally, especially during this quarantine period. Still, this film scanner might be able to solve it. Users can preview negatives through its 2.4-inch display and transfer the digitally scanned images right on their laptops or desktops.
Price:  PHP 3,999

Wireless Car Tracker

Cd R King Items 4 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

Cars and even motorcycles need to be secured at all times. However, not all vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers. So the practical move is to install one on your sedans and SUVs. Apart from tracking the location, these wireless car trackers from CDR-King notifies the users through vibration when someone is driving the vehicle. This is made possible by the built-in sensors, which can transmit signals up to 500 meters.
Price: PHP 1,180

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Plug and Play Consoles

Cd R King Items • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online
These standalone, plug-and-play consoles allow users to turn their musician dreams into reality. Adapting the design of a DJ controller, the first one features turntable with buttons and sliders. It features 15 songs, all of which are playable in four modes and three difficulty levels. The guitar, however, comes with ten classic rock songs, three game modes, and a strum bar.
Price: PHP 1,999 – PHP 2,999

Gun ControllerCd R King Items 6 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

If you’re a mobile FPS player on Android, this one is for you. Level up your game with this fancy controller that simulates the experience of shooting your enemies by pointing the controller and pulling its trigger. You’ll need three AA battery to power the controller first and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Do note, though, that it doesn’t support all FPS games available in the market.
Price: PHP 1,099

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Realme Philippines

Cordless Sweeper

Cd R King Items 1 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

If Xiaomi’s cordless vacuum cleaners are too expensive for you, here’s a more affordable and compact version. The wireless sweeper works on various surfaces and comes with an extendable pole for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. With a speed of 1100 RPM, this rechargeable sweeper can last up to 2 hours and has a dust box capacity of 0.25L.
Price: PHP 1,180

Portable LCD projectorCd R King Items 2 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

If you happen to be a cinephile who wants to experience old-school cinema in their room, this LCD projector might fit the bill. Compatible with gaming consoles and most smart TVs, this device includes built-in stereo speakers, projects games and digital content up to 90 inches, and can be tilt up to 90-degrees. It has control buttons for easy adjustment of screen size and brightness of the projector.
Price: PHP 4,499

Solar-Powered Power Bank

Cdr King Items 1 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

Does your smartphone always run out of battery? Fret not. This 3,000 mAh power bank can easily power up your mobile devices through solar energy. Yes, you’ve read it right. This power bank, equipped with a solar panel, can be charged via an adaptor or sunlight up to 3.5 hours, respectively.
Price: PHP 1,180

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USB Air Purifier

Cdr King Items • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

If you’re working from home and always in front of the computer, you might want to purchase this very sleek air purifier. You can easily plug it into the USB port on your desktop and mobile device, eliminating airborne allergens and unwanted odor within your range.
Price: PHP 245

Laser Distance Measurer

Cdr King Items 2 • Cool Gadgets You Can Buy At Cd-R King Online

For DIY junkies, this device could help them accomplish their passion projects. Instead of the traditional rulers printed on a tape measurement, this one uses a laser to measure distances. Users may also calculate area and volume easily in just one touch of a button and see it on the screen. It has a built-in bubble meter, continuous measurement capability, and a beep signal for sensing the objects to be measured.
Price: PHP 2,880

And that wraps up our list for the coolest items you can buy online at CDR-King’s Lazada shop. Have you found anything else from our list? Share your experience in the comment section down below.

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