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39 Responses

  1. GCST says:

    24 Oras started its nightly YouTube livestreams three or four years ago. I should know because this was my nightly habit when stuck in traffic. Their Facebook stream began before the community quarantine in Metro Manila mid-March 2020, and that’s also before the shutdown of Channel 2.

  2. 123 says:

    Matagal na nasa youtube ang gma tyaka yung untv news

  3. Artemio Cabuco says:

    24oras outranked abs-cbn due to blackbox(tv plus) shutdown?,.see the difference cause by this black box?hahah,..in provinces gma7 has weak signal in the black box that is why they just preferred to watch tv patrol???

  4. Reymar says:

    GMA network is the best

  5. shey says:

    Medjo unfair lang kase sa online kase dalawang sabay na online live ginagawa ng tvpatrol isa sa “ABS-CBN News(official fb page)” and isa “TV Patrol(official fb page)” which is na hahati ang viewers nito sa mag ka ibang page but same content? make sense? sabhin nating ang may 17k na nanonood on “ABS-CBN News(official fb page)” at the same time may 20k na naonoon sa “TV Patrol(official fb page)” may iba pa silang outlet online na sabay sabay iniistream ang tv patrol like iwantTV so ung Numbers na pinag babasihan nyo to compare the to media giants is a bit unfair kase nga nahahati ang viewers ng abs kumpara sa gma?
    imagine combining those viewers into one streaming page on facebook for example pwedeng madoble or matriple pa ung sinasabi ng article na ito

    • TheWanderer says:

      Based po sa comparison ng data dito sa article, hati din ang viewers ng GMA sa Youtube and Facebook, it is the same with ABS. Mas unfair nga po yan sa GMA kasi sila meron pa silang live TV broadcasting which was not accounted for kasi ung mga nanonood ng TV hindi na sila manonood thru Youtube / Facebook.

  6. Marlon says:

    Who posted this ? Obviously the rate of Channel 2 and Channel 7 unbalanced why? Natural yung percent ng nanunuod ng dos wala n. Eh natural bumaba at cnu pb manunuod. Bobo naman ang post eh nag OFF AIR dv MAYO 05 2020

  7. Gerlads reyes says:

    Yung GMA 7 may balita cla sa probinsya namin sa cavite. Yung abs puro yung franchice nila yung balita. At wala gaano balita sa lalawigan ng cavite. Tama at accurate pa balita sa GMA7. Dati abs pinapanood ko. Kaso nagkaloko sa balita sa bagyo signal number 3 na pala sa amin ang balita sa abs s ignal number 2 sa amin.

  8. CizPace says:

    The data shows ithat a wide range of Filipino audience are becoming eminent people of ntelligence and it just goes to show that ABS CBN have lost their credibility esp when it comes to news reporting.

  9. Edison Rovero says:

    I like how you presented this article l. Did not see any bias. Words used were neutral and plain factual.

  10. CE says:

    Hi, i think it is worth mentioning that TV Patrol can be watched from several youtube channels and fb pages simultaneously:in Anc and teleradyo plus abs-cbn news. Are your numbers already the total viewers watching TVP in all yt channels or fb pages?

  11. Nette says:

    Well, it’s because many families uses TV Plus to watch TV Patrol … and there’s the I Want site too … the you tube and Facebook is not an accurate gauge to measure the viewers of TV Patrol … for one thing, sina Lolo at Lola do nanonood sa internet … sa black box sila nanonood … millions of Filipinos have also availed of the black box …

  12. MarilynLasin says:

    ABS CBN is only the best.

  13. Den says:

    Maybe additional info, the decline in facebook and youtube viewers of tv patrol can be attributed after people learned that they can watch tv patrol via tv plus-teleradyo channel. I too shifted from watching from fb to tv… , why.. its tiring to watch in a small cellphone screen.

    • Abe Olandres says:

      This is why we also monitored the live viewers and volume of replays of the stream. The results showed that there are way more replay viewers than live viewers.

  14. ed says:

    Mas siksik sa balita ang 24 Oras keysa tv patrol na puro nalang tungkol sa franchise nila and binabalita. Mas may kridibilidad din ang 24 oras.

    • Precious says:

      Youtube subsribers as of May 30, 2020
      ABS-CBN News – 9.38M
      GMA News – 6.45M

      Check YouTube fto confirm.

  15. Siony says:

    Abs cbn forever the best ang kapamilya network

  16. guapoko_peksman says:

    OMG! As of this time do we still need this rating in amid pandemic? Instead why dont we unite and cooperate to overcome this virus? Forgwt that rivalry.. It is non sense after all.

  17. Joyce says:

    Hi Abe,

    To add perspective as well, hope you can also mention in your article the number of FB and YT pages that each News Program has for better appreciation. I agree with previous comments here that the “spread” of availability generally reduces the over-all viewership. Also, its worth mentioning that beyond online, GMA still has broadcast while ABS-CBN only has cable.

    • Abe Olandres says:

      Added the total followers/subscribers as well as gained during the last 2 months. Yes, I initially thought that ABS having no free-to-air TV is already common knowledge.

  18. eve says:

    hindi yan ang tamang oras para mag patetenro kung sino ing kagaling na kaye ing kasalukuyang nangyayari obat kaya etanamu mikasanmitung ne para antindyan yuko

  19. RG says:

    Please change your timeline chart into a line chart to see spike down or up than a line chart it gives better insights

  20. Ainee says:

    Paano mabibigyan ng job ang mga workers s abs.Ano ang maiaambag s bawat isa.Paano masolusyun ang pandemic,mga walang car na nglalakad punta s work.DAMI PROBLEMA.PLs refrain yang competition. Lets unite,pray @ hav compassion s lahat. God bless us all

  21. Precious says:

    Youtube subsribers as of May 30, 2020
    ABS-CBN News – 9.38M
    GMA News – 6.45M

    You’re article is misleading and unreliable.

  22. Benedicto Suaybaguio says:

    For me let us patronize kung sino ang may pinakamalaking taxes na binayad, na tayo din naman ang nakikinabang.

  23. Mischa says:

    FYI: The only days where TV Patrol beat 24 Oras are Saturdays (May 16 and 23) when their timeslots are different and did not completely go head-to-head with each other.

  24. Mischa says:

    One more thing, GMA News Youtube channel uploads 24 Oras Express videos after a few hours of their livestream. It is a condensed version of the news for the day. I watch these Express videos instead of the livestream. Might be more fair pa nga if you include the Express video numbers.

  25. Miggy says:

    ABS-CBN has more subscribers yet GMA got more views. Interesting. :)

  26. Mischa says:

    Actual Organic people VS Purchased Inorganic bots :)

  27. Mischa says:

    It actually means ABS might have purchased inorganic bots as subscribers; hence their lower view to subscriber ratio. Just because you are not happy with the facts presented to you does not mean they are misleading or unreliable.

  28. mico says:

    naka subscribe man o hindi sa youtube channel ng dalawang channel pwede pa rin manood kahit sino, malay natin ang iba nag click subscribe lang pero hindi naman nanonood kaya binabase pa rin sa views yan tama lang ang observation.

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