How Do We Work From Home Effectively?

YugaTech is one of the organizations that use both the work-from-home and office setups, depending on the task. However, due to the lockdown, we were forced to do everything from home. While it is comfortable in some way, we have to admit that it’s also challenging, and we miss the benefits of having an office. If you’re also working from home and feeling the same way, let us share with you some WFH tips that worked for us.

Abe “The Boss” Olandres – Founder and Editor-in-Chief

1) Set a specific work station exclusive only for work. Avoid working from sofa in sala or bed as it’s a distraction. Preferably stay away from crowded areas in the house.

2) Set a schedule time in the morning and in the afternoon for work, intervals of 2 or 3 hours.

3) Play music and/or wear headsets to avoid external distraction.

4) Set work milestones for the day and see if you can consistently hit them regularly.

Editorial Team

Louie Diangson – Managing Editor

Although working from home can provide you with some comforts and conveniences not found in most offices, it also comes with plenty of distractions that can hamper your productivity. To help you manage your time, set a schedule or a work routine. Specify a time when you’re supposed to wake up, when to start working, when to have breaks, and when to end your shift. Also prepare a to-do list for the next day, so you know what to prioritize. Like in the office, good time management also works at home.

Jewel Sta. Ana – Senior Multimedia Producer

To keep yourself motivated, listen to lo-fi or classical music. It’s also good to store some snacks within your reach should you feel hungry while working. Take some short breaks when you can so you would not feel exhausted the whole day.

Alejandro Maquinto – Multimedia Producer

Make a morning routine before you log in, create a working space preferably somewhere that isn’t close to your bed, and be comfortable with logging off at the designated time.

Video Team

Joey Maceda – Video Manager

Separate your work space from your bedroom and rest space. If you work and rest/sleep in the same place, it can cause issues for both your productivity and sleep cycle.
Alyza Angeles – Multimedia Producer

Create your own working space because there were many times I ended up sleeping when I work in bed. If you can, schedule a time for work so you can have the rest day of the day for yourself but don’t forget to take breaks! I know it’s a bit unhealthy, but I work effectively when I’m under pressure. When you feel unmotivated, don’t force yourself to work. You’d just feel more overwhelmed and stressed. Sleep and try again later.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Arel Ebana – Multimedia Producer

One thing you should refrain from doing is procrastination. From my experience, since we’re working from home, I tend to do other things and get distracted easily. Because of this, sometimes I ended up writing, shooting, and editing my videos in a rush to meet our deadlines.

Justine Basco – Multimedia Producer

Number one rule is not to work on or near your bed. Second is to reduce distractions or trying to multitask often. Focusing on one task at a time can put you at a better flow within your work.

And lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Work from home allows you to assess yourself and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. So try again tomorrow if today wasn’t as productive as you aspire it to be.

AJ Viray – Multimedia Producer

Start your day by working out so you can be productive throughout the day. As much as possible, separate your work time and personal time.

Josh de Leon – Multimedia Producer

Working from home, I realized that it can be challenging to gauge when to begin and end work. Sometimes, I find myself still awake at 5 in the morning completely forgetting the time, or end up procrastinating my work, which ended up ruining my daily routine. So it is important to always set boundaries to help keep track of your daily activities at home, be it work or play; like when to call it a day with work to get more rest, which in turn will help you stay focused on what you need to do the next day.

Enzo Angeles – Multimedia Producer

In a day, there are three parts: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Usually, I only spend one part of the day for work and the other parts for myself because you can’t make your home a stressful environment to live in.

Client and Operations

Joaquin Segovia – Operations Management

My means to effectively work from home are isolation from other people in the house during work hours, and a healthy break once in a while to refresh my energy.

Kathleen Manangkil – Account Manager

I suggest to have your mini work station at home, avoid working in bed so you don’t feel lazy. Doing this will make you more productive.

And there you have it. Always keep in mind that in these trying times, you don’t have to pressure yourself to work if you feel mentally stressed to work. Have a break once in a while, and stay safe!

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Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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  1. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    What keyboards do you recommend for working from home? There’s the so-called ‘mechanical’ keyboards but most of them seem to be branded for gamers. Are they good for plain regular typing too?

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