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How Lazada and Shopee fight Fake items.

Have you been a victim of “expectation vs reality”? Because we do most of our shopping online, we sometimes have a hard time scrutinizing a product if it’s legit or not.

In previous article, we shared with you the hacks of shopping, and included in that article is how to check if your item looks fake or not. If we’re doing our part to avoid these counterfeit items, what do you think Lazada and Shopee do to fight these fake items?

How Lazada And Shopee Fight Fake Items



Under the Lazada Seller Center, there’s a topic regarding Counterfeit and IP Infringement. The topic tackles Lazada’s legal rules of uploading information which is divided into 5 sub-topics namely:

  • Using Images Without Consent – seller must be authorized to use these images
  • Trademarks – make sure that trademarks in images as free to use
  • Specified Design Elements – there should be consent before using different design elements
  • Likeness – item/item image must not be deceiving or avoid causing confusion to buyers
  • Local Country Laws – item posted by the seller should be allowed to be sold in the Philippines

If the sellers won’t abide by these rules. Lazada said that there will be legal consequences.

You can see more details by clicking here .



In addition to this is LazMall, which is a virtual mall inside the Lazada platform. It is home to leading brands, authorized distributors, and other top online brands. To confirm if your product is not fake, there are LazMall labels to determine that it’s really from LazMall. If you’re looking for guaranteed 100% authentic items, you better check LazMall.


Lastly, Lazada Help Center is available 24/7 for different issues, especially regarding fake items. There’s also an option to seek customer service through Chat and Phone calls. Don’t forget you have the power to report a seller or a listed item.

Click here the Help Center link of Lazada.




Under the Shopee Seller Education Hub regarding counterfeit items says that product listings detected with listing violations will be removed by Shopee. Aside from this is it’ll incur penalty points under Shopee’s Seller Penalty Points System. The e-commerce platform also has the right to freeze or terminate seller accounts with severe listing violations.



Moreover, Shopee offers short online courses for Sellers to learn. One of those is the Shopee’s Policies and to highlight some of its subjects are the Listing Violations, Prohibited Listings, and Counterfeit Items & IP rights infringement.



Shopee also has its own Mall which is called Shopee Mall. Like its competitor, Shopee Mall offers guaranteed 100% authentic listed items from leading brands. To make sure that you’re buying a legit item from Shopee Mall, you’ll see labels in the listed items and Seller profiles.



Finally, Shopee also has its own Help Center which can assist everyone 24/7. They can also be contacted through a Phone call, chat (in-app only), and email.


To wrap all of these, last March 1, 2021, Lazada and Shopee alongside other businesses in the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding against fake goods.


Photo Credits: Ipophl

You can check our previous article for more details regarding this MOU.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    Neither Lazada nor Shopee care about counterfeit goods. Lazada will not even display a customer review that warns other people about such goods. I know this from personal experience.

  2. Avatar for fakedoi fakedoi says:

    and they forgot about fake shops selling very cheap gadgets with fake reviews.

  3. Avatar for Jess Lopez (@_jess_lopez) Jess Lopez (@_jess_lopez) says:

    Shopee is like the Greenhills shopping center of online shopping.

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