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How RedDoorz HygienePass keep hotels safe during the new normal


The hospitality is just one of the many industries that were heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the government restrictions imposed and health risks involved, people have no choice but to stay indoors. But as those restrictions start to ease up, hotels have implemented safety protocols to make sure that guests are safe. RedDoorz is one of those hospitality brands that implemented safety standards for its budget hotels. Here’s how they did it.

Reddoorz Logo • How Reddoorz Hygienepass Keep Hotels Safe During The New Normal

The RedDoorz HygienePass, which launched in June, is an industry-wide cleanliness and sanitation certification program that follows the new set of health and safety guidelines for the hospitality industry, to RedDoorz’s budget hotels safer and more accessible for urban professionals, business travelers, and essential workers during the pandemic.

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The HygienePass program aims to standardize the hygiene and sanitation measures that hotel players need to implement as precautionary measures during COVID-19 in order to manage ongoing health risks. The program is also designed to build customer confidence in RedDoorz budget hotels by enabling them to easily identify ‘safe’ accommodations, and reassure them that they are staying in establishments which implement and maintain a set of robust hygiene and cleanliness measures independently supported by a medical professional.

Hygienepass Logo Final • How Reddoorz Hygienepass Keep Hotels Safe During The New Normal

RedDoorz Philippines has ensured that all its 250 properties will undergo a comprehensive audit that is required to obtain the HygienePass certification program. The process is done in close coordination with one of the most prominent public health physicians in the medical field who is also RedDoorz’s trainer and consultant for the program, Dr. Renzo Guinto, M.D., DrPH.

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RedDoorz budget hotels will also apply and maintain several rigorous sanitation and hygiene measures on a daily basis which includes temperature checks of hotel staff employees and incoming guests, adoption of specific cleaning methodology and anti-bacterial products and equipment used to disinfect rooms and public areas, and heightened general hygiene practices. A comprehensive audit process will be carried out and independently assessed by the expert before the certification is awarded and must be measured day-to-day for the certification to remain valid.

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There are now more than 97 HygienePass-certified budget hotels across the Philippines which includes the following:

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  • RedDoorz @ EDSA Pasay Metro Manila
  • RedDoorz Plus near San Pedro Cathedral
  • RedDoorz Plus @ Poblacion District Davao
  • RedDoorz @ Kilometer 1 Roxas City
  • RedDoorz Plus @ E Rodriguez corner Banawe Metro Manila

Travelers can identify HygienePass-certified accommodations by looking for the HygienePass badge on the listing inside the app.

Reddoorz Hygienepass Hotels • How Reddoorz Hygienepass Keep Hotels Safe During The New Normal

To help travelers try the RedDoorz HygienePass-certified budget hotels, RedDoorz Philippines has created a special discount code for YugaTech readers that they can use when they book:


The code is valid for check-ins until December 31, 2020.

If you don’t have the RedDoorz app yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store via the links provided.

You can visit https://www.reddoorz.com/en-ph/ for more information.

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