How to Use Tech to Deal With Isolation

How to Use Tech to Deal With Isolation

While it may seem like everyone’s got this stay-at-home, social-distancing all figured out, you might feel different. Loneliness, isolation, anxiety, or home-sickness may be kicking in and they’re not really the best companions you need right now.

Loneliness is a feeling—not a fact, and no one can help you best than yourself. Thankfully, technology has been evolving to provide more options to connect with people, places, and even with yourself. So either you’re an introvert or an extrovert, here are ways on how you can deal with isolation with the tech around you.

*Disclaimer: We are not experts, this list contains suggestions that work for us, and we hope they’ll work for you too.

Re-connect, talk.

You can practically do this with any gadget. Message old friends (maybe enemies?) and relatives that you didn’t have the time to meet before the quarantine. You can create chat rooms, do video calls, or simply connect in forums with like-minded people.

On a fun level, you can invite your friends to make a Buddy Meter with you and get to know each other more.

Start playing games with family and friends

If they can’t be physically there, then it’s time to invite them to play online with games that anyone with a smartphone and good internet connection can play like Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile. And if they’re staying at home like you, then play video games, or try to download interactive apps like charades, chess, quiz-b, and truth or dare. You can also start a video conference with apps like Zoom, Skype, and Messenger to play guessing games and more.

Binge-watch at the same time

If you don’t feel like playing games then watch at the same time with the right distance—literally. Virtually, you can check out so you get to watch the same show at the same time as your friends. Afterward, you can talk to each other about what you think about the movie or your overall analysis which might lead to better conversations.

Explore virtually outside


I’d tell you to go out there—but don’t. We recommend that you stay at home and go on a virtual tour with Google Street View instead. If you really miss the outdoors, this will give you a glimpse in an interactive way. You can even go to North Korea if you’re curious.

Make a playlist

Music is one of the most effective mood boosters. Try making a fresh new playlist with songs you feel like listening to at the moment. They don’t have to be pop or electric but explore similar music that resonates with your mood.

Learn something new

This may sound cliche but trying something you’ve always wanted to can completely be therapeutic. Start by discovering on YouTube. There are a lot of how-to and informative videos you can consider and here’s a list of things you might be interested in:

-How to cut/color your own hair at home
-Cooking or baking
-How to clean via the Kon Marie method
-How to start a vlog
-How to TikTok
-Steps on how to headstand
-New make-up tutorials
-Camera tips and tricks
-Meditation 101
-Painting and many more

In short, find a new hobby.

Organize your apps, files, and notifications

Now that you have the time, you can declutter your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other gadget you may have. It’ll make you feel more productive and accomplished. Plus, this will help you feel lighter and make things less complicated. If you want a guide, here’s an article we made on how to set up your smartphone into looking minimalistic.

Get into dating apps?

Talking to your ex may not be the best idea. Instead, why not try to put yourself out there through Tinder, Bumble, or other dedicated apps. Maybe you just want to talk to someone new? you don’t have to be committed right away. This will also help you loosen on your comfort zone.

Get the right guidance
If you tried everything and still feel lonely, or if you admittedly think that things are getting out of hand between you and your thoughts; then we recommend that you talk to an expert. Just be cautious when booking an online psychologist, do make sure to verify their information first. You can test the Online Therapy or Talkspace app (iOS / Android) wherein you can ask anonymously to psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists.

Remember, you’re not alone. Let us know in the comments about your experiences or if you have more to add on the list.

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