Reasons why you should get the Smart Bro Rocket SIM with Unli Data

Smart has recently introduced the new Smart Bro Rocket SIM with 30 days of unlimited data. It is the telco’s new and more affordable offering that enables users to stay connected online. But, what really are the reasons and perks of getting this new Smart Bro Rocket SIM? Let’s know more.

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Smart Bro is a pioneer in data and Internet connectivity in the Philippines

Smart Bro is the first to offer 2G, 3G, LTE, and now 5G. It is also the pioneer in providing Filipinos with unlimited data through its “Unlisurf” promos over a decade ago. With the new Smart Bro Rocket SIM, it is bringing back its unlimited services once again to cater to the rising demand for more data and fast connectivity, now with the power of the 5G network.

The launch of the new Smart Bro Rocket SIM with Unli Data also comes on the heels of OOKLA’s report citing Smart as the country’s fastest 5G network in the Philippines for Q1-Q2 2021. Hence, Smart also reasserted its dominance as the fastest mobile network in the country for four years in a row now.

Talking about reliability, the telco has also been recently awarded by the analytics firm as the “Most Reliable 5G Mobile Operator” in the Philippines by scoring the highest scores in 5G consistency and 5G availability. 5G Consistency is calculated based on the percentage of a provider’s users that meet minimum download and upload speeds, while 5G Availability identifies the network whose users spend the highest percentage of their time on 5G.

Based on OOKLA’s Speedtest Intelligence data in Q2 2021, Smart topped 5G Consistency with a score of 89.78% versus Globe’s 78.15%. It also led in 5G Availability with a score of 14.67% versus Globe’s 11.86%.

At present, Smart has fired up over 4,000 5G sites in more than 3,000 areas across the country.

30 Days of Unlimited Data

Filipinos may be eyeing a simpler and more affordable way to get a fast internet connection for work, school, and/or entertainment purposes. So it’s great that Smart Bro Rocket SIM delivers the perks of 5G connectivity while enabling us to make the most out of unlimited data for a month. Indeed, a one-month-long validity significantly impacts users and they won’t have to reload often.

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Further, with the Rocket SIM, students can attend online classes and surf the web for their tasks and research, while WFH individuals can rely on Unli Data to send heavy work files and stay online for meetings and presentations.

On top of all, other than such responsibilities, the Rocket SIM simply keeps us connected. Users can maximize unlimited data as they stay in touch with friends and loved ones on social media, promote online businesses through a slew of creative content, binge-watch swoon-worthy series and movies, or play online mobile games to chill for when life gets a bit challenging. Who wouldn’t love the perks of unli data?

No restrictions, data caps, or speed-throttling

As most of us rely on the Internet, it’s best to have no limits from using it. Besides 30 days of truly unlimited data, it also has no restrictions such as data capping or speed-throttling so users can experience the full network speed up to its full extent. Users won’t also have to be conscious of their usage as they could enjoy it fully, with more freedom and flexibility. Plus, they can experience rocket-like speeds for whatever online activities they do throughout their subscription.

In our area, the Rocket SIM achieved 240 Mbps download and 39.4 Mbps upload speed. With that said, it undeniably proves its claim of rocket-like speeds.

However, Smart also noted that the speed experience would depend on the type of device used, network signal detected, and current subscriber’s traffic. Plus, speed may also vary from one place to another.

More promo options on the GigaLife app

Once the 30 days of Unli Data is up, subscribers can always avail of another unlimited data for all sites for 30 days promo, or register to other data promos they like via the GigaLife app. The GigaLife app is available for download on Android and iOS.

The Smart Bro Rocket SIM is available for PHP 499. You may get yours at the Smart Online Store, Smart Flagship Store on Lazada, and soon at all accredited retailers nationwide.

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  1. macky says:

    this is sim slow at data connection!!!!!
    my god!

  2. rusty says:

    HI! Will this work on 4g phones? The unlimited date promo? Will this also work on a 4g Smart Prepaid wifi? thank you

  3. angel says:

    medyo nalilito ako, sabi kasi ng smart hanggang dalawang sim lang pwede i purchase, pag expired na ang sim 2x lang pwedeng i avail ang unli data per sim.

  4. imir yao says:

    my two (2) smart sims have been blocked for no reason,,all they say is that i have violated something all i do is just watch youtube..just a waste of money

    • Leonardo Sedillo says:

      I use to watch movie on netflix but it seems that smart rocket doesnt work with netflix? I dont understand why?

  5. Cathy says:

    I like watching and following here.
    Detailed and Explained well !

    • Oskie says:

      This rocket wifi sucks!!! Purchased the device for 15k and the 30-day unli data doesn’t work. After a few days, no internet connection. Smart has replaced the SIM twice and still the same problem. Smart store finally said tge device needs tp be repaired but the service center can’t find a problem. WASTE OF MONEY in my opinion.

  6. reader 1 says:

    I used to love this site. but now it’s bombarded with ads!a Articles are harder to read.

    • Robert Jamero says:

      Well smart has offered this due to the 3rd Telco (DITO). I AM SUPPORTING DITO. SMART and Globe has sucked the Filipino people dry for decades. Why should I support them? They have fooled us for decades. They cheated us with our data usage and their prices were so exorbitant.
      Now they’d like to win back people. Sorry you have abused us too much for us to stay with you .

    • JM says:

      I could not see any adverts on this page. Whatever browser you use you may install adblocker preferably “uBlockOrigin”.

      Firefox, Brave, and Opera have in-built uBlockOrigin in themselves to prevent any adverts from showing.

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