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Shop from Amazon and Walmart with a Balikbayan Box

With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, there has been a lot of international shopping done by Filipinos this season. If you’re leaning towards Amazon as your primary source for online shopping and you have an entire box of shopping list to do, then it would be best to ship them all in a balikbayan box.

Halpu.com gives you that option, among other things, so you can consolidate your items into one single balikbayan box (or opt for parcel if you order smaller items).

The new site (we first used them back in February) integrates Amazon and Walmart search so you can shop for all the listings straight from their site.

Payment is done via several channels but DragonPay is included so that covers pretty much all the common options.


The processing and shipping fees (if you’re based in NCR) are actually very reasonable. Here are some sample computations we tried:

Amazon Echo: $179.99 + $18.15 (fees + shipping) = Php9,957
Google Home: $219.99 + $20.55 (fees + shipping) = Php12,060
Macbook Pro 13 with TouchBar: $1779 + $96.06 (fees + shipping) = Php95,200 (vs. Php99,990 in local retail)

More details about HalpU here.

Deal alert: From December 10 to 18, shipping to the Philippines will be free on all shoes bought in the US. See details here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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6 Responses

  1. anon says:

    tempting haha, pero kahit ano gawin wala parin warranty surface pro 4 dito :'(

    buti pa macbook pwede warranty dito pag may problema

  2. LUL says:

    cheaper than galleon

  3. anon2 says:

    mga ilang days po bago makuha? saka sa mismong bahay na ba idedeliver ung item?

    • Hello! :) Standard delivery time is 8 weeks ‘pag nakarating na ang items mo sa US warehouse namin. Via sea cargo ang aming shipping. And yes, we deliver straight to your doorstep tax free. Hindi na kailangan pumunta sa post office.

  4. Morty says:

    Correction: The MacBook Pro 13 that costs 1479 is not a touch-bar variant.

  5. anon says:

    Please update that deal alert for everyone’s knowledge: the last statement says “all orders of shoes WITHOUT box will have free shipping to the Philippines.”

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