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HalpU makes Amazon shopping more convenient, so we tried it

We’ve tried so many 3rd-party shopping services before but this new service from HalpU.com seems to integrate Amazon shopping quite well.

This is what we realized after trying out the service earlier today. HalpU (sounds like a play on “help you”) basically pulls Amazon’s database of listings and gives you the option to make the purchase and process everything else for you.

The site basically shows direct search results of Amazon products which you can add into your own cart for shipping to the Philippines. HalpU does not pad the listed price of the items but indicates a processing fee.

When you check-out, they will also add a shipping and handling fee (in our case, it was just $55 for 3 items) along with the total price that is converted to Philippine Peso (Php48 : $1). You can opt to pay via over-the-counter of banks, online banking (BDO, BPI, MetroBank, PNB, UCPB, etc) or 3rd-party partners like SM, Cebuana, LBC, etc. This is basically an option offered by DragonPay as their payment processor.


The reduced processing fee is bacause HalpU has an Amazon Prime account that makes delivery to their US forwarding address practically free. HalpU also pre-calculates the size of the box of your entire order so it can provide you the best size for the whole delivery (they charge by size instead of weight) and calculates processing fee from there.

There are 3 box sizes — 23” x 16” x 17” ($55), 23” x 20” x 17” ($65) and 24” x 18” x 24” ($75).

Everything seemed so smooth until we realized the delivery time to Metro Manila takes between 6 to 8 weeks. This is because shipments are done via sea and the boxes are considered balikbayan boxes that have reduced custom fees and taxes. There are order limits too — max of 6 items at a time.

If you want speedy delivery (other services only takes between 10 to 14 days), HalpU is definitely not be for you. But, if you’re after lower processing and shipping fees or making huge or heavy orders, then HalpU should be more cost-effected. We’ll try to order bigger items next time. We’ll update this post once our Amazon Echo, EyeFi and Nike FlyKnit Chukka arrives sometime in March.

You can learn more about HalpU here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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17 Responses

  1. roiji says:

    sabi na, through balikbayan box kaya mura :)
    update nyo na rin kami kung sisingilin pa kayo ng custom tax.. :)

    • Hi, Roiji! :) Balikbayan boxes that contain personal effects are generally not levied a tax or duty. If the items inside your box exceed a certain value, or contain dutiable items, Philippine customs may inspect the box and charge additional taxes or duties. You may check our FAQ section on our website if you have other queries (https://www.halpu.com/Faq).


      For the last few months, I’ve been receiving text messages to check on halpu.com. These are from 6 different mobile numbers to which I reply unsubscribe but still getting these texts! This is not helping halpu

    • Hi! Apologies for this. Please message us on Facebook or email us your number at [email protected], so that we can make sure you won’t receive any more marketing messages from halpU. :)

  2. jejesibob says:

    too many typo errors tssk.

    anyways, direct ba sa delivery address yung package?

  3. asdasd says:


  4. Mon says:

    Yes I agree. What about kapag dumating na siya dito satin? At saan din sya mapipick up?

  5. Mark says:

    Huh, I do not know anything about Amazon’s TOS but I hope they’re not violating something being a proxy buyer. Also, are your stuff insured? I could not imagine 6 to 8 weeks of nerve whacking worrying about my, say, $500 device I skimped on shipping.

    • Hi, Mark! :) Thank you for your interest in our website. Forex Cargo will first determine if the damage occurred while in transit from their warehouse. If this is the case, then their insurance will cover the damage. (Note that red boxes are insured for up to $200 while blue and green boxes are insured for a maximum of only $500. Insurance will not cover any amount over than what is stated herein.) With regard to the delivery time, 8-10 weeks is standard for balikbayan boxes, but you will save on delivery costs within the USA since halpU has an Amazon prime account. We hope we answered your questions. :) You may check our FAQ section on our website if you have other queries (https://www.halpu.com/Faq).

  6. Sounds good. I might try it someday.

  7. Yugatech Reader says:

    Ang hirap ma-access ung HALPU.com site, im using Chrome, Firefox, IE & Safari.. same error…

    This webpage is not available


  8. GM says:

    What’s the update on your package? It’s already april

  9. JC says:

    Hi, Has your balikbayan box arrived? I am dying to know, I also used HalpU and mine will be arriving in May.

  10. Tessa says:

    Hello, can you pls update this article? Did your package arrive on time?

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