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Two new web-only features of BPI you should know about

When I tried the new BPI Online and BPI Mobile app, I was delighted to find new features such as the QR code and biometric log-in, both of which made banking easier and more secure for me.

But two other useful features of BPI Online deserve attention: Card Control and Remittance Status.

With Card Control you can personalize your debit card settings with just a few clicks, anytime you want to, and not bother with calling the hotline or going to a BPI branch. Remittance Status allows you to keep track of your remittances much more easily.

Those with a BPI Debit Mastercard can personalize card settings by simply clicking “Other Services,” and then choosing Card Control under the “Cards” tab. Users will be able to see the cards connected to the account. Clicking on the card will have the card settings menu pop underneath it. Options include Withdrawal Limit, Purchase Limit, International Access, Temporary Block, and Permanent Lost Card Blocking.

In the “Withdrawal Limit” option, you can change the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from your card. You can set your limit from P20,000 up to a maximum of P60,000. As for the “Purchase Limit” option, you can set your maximum purchase limit from P100,000 up to P250,000.

In the Card Control menu, you may also enable or disable International Access for your BPI Debit Mastercard. This will come in handy when you go on trips abroad. The menu also contains the “Temporary Block” option for your debit card, in case you misplaced your card.

If your card gets stolen or if you lose it, you can choose the “Permanent Lost Card Blocking” option. You’ll be safe and secure knowing that you can block anyone else from using your card right away.

It’s pretty great that these services can be done online. It cuts out the hassle of having to go to a BPI branch just to change your card settings. Also, as someone who doesn’t own a landline anymore, it’s a relief that I won’t have to use up phone credits to call BPI’s hotline and request for the change that I want.

For each change to be confirmed, BPI will send you a One-Time PIN (OTP) and you’ll need to enter that in the website. It’s safe and secure since there’s no one else who has access to the OTP. Once done and acknowledged, you’re all good to go! There’s no need to sign forms anymore.

Checking your Remittance Status through the use of BPI Online has been made easy, too. You can view it through the “Other Services” option as well, and then click “Inquiry on Incoming Remittance.”

Tracking the status of your remittance has just become hassle-free. Again, no need to call the hotline or go to a BPI branch, thanks to this feature.

BPI just made it faster, easier, and more secure to transact online. Log in to BPI Online via https://online.bpi.com.ph and try out these web-only features today!

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3 Responses

  1. countrymouse says:

    They should have also included the ‘card control’ feature for credit cards. Just like BDO.

  2. BPIcustomer says:

    But they don’t have Instapay outgoing yet!! Deadline has passed. I wonder if BSP has imposed penalty on them, no?

  3. I like bpi the service very useful

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