Watching our favorite videos in 7 days straight for only 99 pesos

Watching our favorite videos in 7 days straight for only 99 pesos

When I am not going through social media, I’m most likely on my phone with a headset, streaming my favorite videos. YouTube, NBA, and even iWant videos keep me entertained and awake for the day. However, when I don’t have WiFi, I end up paying more than what I should. Besides the subscriptions, the videos I watch eat up a lot of data making my wallet feel lighter—way lighter.

But lately we discovered something from Smart, the GigaSurf 99 wherein for 7 days you can consume 2GB of data to different apps and websites plus, it comes with 1GB of data allowance exclusively for videos for each day.

For a whole week I made the most of this promo by watching my fave vids and here is my personal experience:

Day 1, Sunday

Starting on a rest day, catching up on The Flash series on iflix was a good decision. I am still in season 3 down to episode 12 and I got to watch until episode 20 with my 1GB video mobile data. And then I went to mass.

Day 2, Monday

Work, work, work. My commute going to the office takes a lot of time and I mean around 2 hours. I pre-downloaded some classic movies on iflix and grabbed my wireless headphones on. Let’s go!

By the way, I got a lot of data left from my 1GB video allowance and I used it to watch YugaTech comparison videos on YouTube. You can go ahead and check them out.

Aside from being a tech enthusiast, I also have other hobbies like cooking and painting so I watch videos on YouTube to help me improve my skills. It’s a long term process so it’s a good thing I have a whole week of data.

Day 3, Tuesday

I knew I needed to catch up on some of Halik episodes on iWant. Things are getting more interesting and intense as I see more memes online. “Hoy Ace umayos ka!”


It’s been a long day, so to unwind before I hit the sack, I played some chill music on YouTube, which is a great alternative if Spotify isn’t working for you.

Day 4, Wednesday

Just browsing through Facebook when I saw a link to Peter McKinnon’s YouTube channel. The day went on watching more of his vids at the same time working. At the end of the day, I learned a lot of photography tips and style from the pro.

Day 5, Thursday

I was supposed to go to the mall for some Christmas shopping, but then I got lazy and turned to online shopping instead to make the most of my mobile data. Then I turned to NBA. Which team are you?

Day 6, Friday

TGIF but I’m staying home and continue binge watching The Flash on iflix. I’m already in season 4!

Update, binge-watching isn’t working for me so I checked out some travel videos so I can figure out and plan my next out of town trip.

Day 7, Saturday

I was at a coffee shop working while babysitting my 13-year old cousin. I kept her occupied by giving my phone and she just watched makeup tutorials on YouTube. Oh well, my 1GB video data allowance for the day got it covered.

That’s it, I can’t believe I spent only PHP 99 for my whole week of mobile data. And if you noticed, I used it not just for entertainment, but a way for me to fuel my hobbies, interests, and passion for traveling. Who said watching videos isn’t productive?!

We think the GigaSurf 99 is a great deal for everyone who loves to watch videos on-the-go. The best part of it is you can maximize your up to 1 hour or 1GB of daily video viewing with apps like YouTube, iflix, iWant, NBA, and Cignal TV while you still have consumable 2GB of mobile data for your non-video streaming apps and sites.

To avail this promo, simply dial *121# and choose GigaSurf.

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10 Responses

  1. Ejia says:

    Smart used to provide 1GB of video data allocation with Giga99 anyway, but they removed it. This is just them putting it back in.

  2. sikooo you says:

    This article is brought to you by: SMART.

    Like really.. you didn’t know about the 1gb free video on Gigasurf? And you work for a technology related websites. How much does Smart pay you guys to be dumb?

    • Bwisittt sayooo says:

      So how much is globe paying you to be a sarcastic son of a beach? Like duh… read between the lines…

  3. m says:

    for video alone.. 1GB is good enough.. most articles would say 1GB is worth 300mins of youtube, which converts to 5hours =) (does not say about which video quality was used)

  4. Yugatech is becoming useless because of this kind of article.

  5. durian says:

    but no unlitext to all networks! gotscombodd90 of globe is much better and much cheaper!

  6. Batman says:

    This offering is crap!

    1. If you have a remaining open access allocation which is about to expire, registering anew to extend the remaining allocation won’t help. They’re no longer allowing it. You’ll just see the MB expire.

    2. Or if you consume the 2GB open access before its expiry, you won’t be able to enroll back and need to wait with the actual expiry.

    Nice isn’t especially for All-In Consumable Planholders. You are paying for a plan which can’t subscribe to an add-on. Who ever created this offering, where can I send iodized salt and vitamins for your brain.

  7. Batman says:

    This product used to be 3gb with unlisms to all nextworks. What an upgrade! Leader in mobile….

  8. jessica says:

    how do i access the free nba watching?

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