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Belarc Advisor for PC Audit

Don’t know what exact peripheral make and model you have on board your PC?

Check out Belarc Advisor (free to download). What it actually does is it build a profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your browser.

It basically audits your entire PC and show you what you got inside and what has been installed. Very helpful if you don’t know what’s the make/model of that soundcard or internal modem that doesn’t seem to work. Been using this on dozens and dozens of PC before and it’s pretty comprehensive I only know of a couple instances that it can’t identify a hardware.

I got first hold of this back when I was still in HeadStrong and we were asked to run a PC Audit on our workstations in order to identify softwares/games which aren’t supposed to be installed (read: WarCraft). It appears to read the registry for the details. What we did before was make a copy of WC3 on another folder, uninstalled it from the Control Panel then move the copy back to its original path. We could still play WC3 without it being detected in the audit process.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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2 Responses

  1. wow!!! this is a great freeware!!!! I just bought call of duty 2 and I could not play it due to the video card. but i was not sure if my processing speed was fast enough to play COD2, it required 1.4 gigahertz of processing speed.

    i was about to upgrade to a 2.4 pentium 4 processesor, then after the audit it turns out i am already on 2.0. :)


  2. 3tech says:

    These is the software we use for investigating internet cafe, if there computer is lisenced or not.

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