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Download Windows XP SP3

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This has been out there in the wild for some time now but it’s just now that the official release of Windows XP SP3 is available.

windows xp sp3
Click here to download . {via TechToday}

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

23 Responses

  1. arjay says:

    sir update lang ba to or yung full ?

  2. Harrell says:

    My SP3 was downloaded via Windows Update. It was last August 31.

  3. brent says:

    thanks for the info. this is cool…

  4. brent says:

    thanks for the information…

  5. Poldo says:


    Where have you been for last couple of years? You worried about disk space..? Geez, get a 500 GB SATA Hard Drive…OMG!

  6. Abe Olandres says:

    Yup, that’s one from my desktop PC.

  7. Nelson says:

    Tha..that screenshot! Are those specifications real?!

  8. Abe Olandres says:

    I tried installing it on my desktop and worked just fine. Not sure about the VirtualBox but I reckon should be the same as well.

  9. anyone here downloaded SP3?

    Abe, would this work ba even on a VirtualBox?

  10. @thelostdunmer Im confused with your comment, contradicting sentences.

    Microsoft will not pull the plug on SP3 download because they’re supposed to let people download it. But if as you say there are problems, Microsoft will release a patch, not re-release SP3.

    And you will really not find anything unusual with your SP3’d machine, coz this one’s supposed to fix a thousand bugs from SP1+SP2 ;)

  11. thelostdunmer says:

    This is very odd as Microsoft hasn’t pulled the plug yet on this direct download, I already installed it in my own machine and I still have to found anything unusual with my box. I did some research and this is the actual sp3 but is not widely available through automatic update or windows update since it breaks the MS Dynamics RTMS. The problem is also related to Vista SP1.

  12. RNHalawi says:

    The Windows XP SP3 packs over 1000 hotfixes, patches and updates, coupled with some new features such as new activation scheme, Network Access Protection Module, Black Hole Router Detection and Kernel Model Cryptographic Module.

  13. jhay says:

    I wonder how much disk space it will consume? Service packs has always been HD space hogs.

    Plus, M$ has been known to issue patches to its service packs. Sheesh…

  14. Abe Olandres says:

    @brianb – it’s not delivered via Automatic Updates, yet.

  15. BrianB says:

    I’m going to wait a couple of months before I download this. Anyone knows how to manually reject automatic updates on XP?

  16. w00t! Thanks! Been waiting for the official download not the wild one :p

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