Firefox 3.5 out and ready for download

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is now officially out and ready for download. You can grab the full installer on the site or if you have an old version of Firefox, just go to Help -> Check for Updates.

firefox 3.5

I chose the update from an older version 3.0.11 and got this error when launching Firefox.

realme philippines

firefox error

Not really sure what that meant but it’s possible it has got to do with the fact that I’m running Windows 7 RC.

Update: So, I uninstalled the old version and re-installed v3.5 and it went all fine.

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  1. hungrynez says:

    Hey, I got my new firefox 3.5. But I have a big problem with the mouse right click. I don’t know if this glitch is caused by my computer or firefox 3.5 itself. But the right click does not work in some websites like It is not even youtube’s fault coz the site works alright when I use internet explorer. Anybody got any idea what’s going wrong?

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t like this new version, it’s pretty slow. I had to turn off my plugins to get the browser going at its regular speed. Now I don’t have my plugins.

    Time to use Chrome regularly.

  3. DhaBhoss16 says:

    Thanks for the info Sir Yuga, I was looking forward to this, but didn’t realized that it was already released until you posted it here. =) Thanks again! =)

  4. Click my name for the untold “what’s new” :p You may be interested in these new technologies… also a link at the end of the post for the official announcement ;)

    You’ll also see Baybayin scripts without installing any fonts :p a live sample of one of the new features that comes with 3.5 ;)

  5. Mike says:

    Does this new version fix that annoying crashing bug that Firefox has been having lately?

  6. Pink says:

    @ waow: it pays to read release notes you know.

  7. Pink says:

    I love the ‘Private Browsing’ option =) it’s a click away to browsing without traces.. than setting it up manually.

  8. Gwapito says:

    My Firefox crashes if i visit a page with Flash.

  9. Erin says:

    Still waiting for all of my plug-ins to be running smoothly in 3.5 before i migrate as I use the portable edition as a lifeline here in the office. :)

    @waow: littering the board with your links is not going to help you do it. better learn to use the “website” field of this blog properly.


  10. waow says:

    i wish i can be like yugatech’s blog that have so many visitors & readers T_T

  11. waow says:

    i already know that. but what is the difference from the older to the new one?


  12. waow says:

    i already know that but what is the difference from the older firefox to the new one?

  13. techme says:

    tab mix plus is not yet compatible with firefox! huhuhuhu T_T

  14. Boss Yuga I though you’re a chrome guy hehe, anyways total downloads right now is 2,975,674

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