Minix M1000 Mini-Note: Unboxing Photos

Minix M1000 Mini-Note: Unboxing Photos

PC Trends sent us two brand new netbooks today — the 10.1-inch Minix M1000 netbook powered by an Intel Atom N270. Check out the unboxing photos below.

minix m1000

The Minix M1000 netbook has a 10.1″ LED display screen with a resolution of 1024×576 pixels. The white one has a glossy screen while the black version has a matte screen.

minix m1000 minix m1000 minix m1000

minix m1000 minix m1000 minix m1000

Specs include — Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD, Intel GMA 950, WiFi 802.11 b/g, SD/SDHC/MMC card reader, 1.3MP webcam and a 3-cell 2200mAH battery (6-cell optional).


minix m1000 minix m1000 minix m1000

minix m1000 minix m1000 minix m1000

The design reminds me of the MSI Wind U100 series — that swivel base, click-pad, rounded edges and position of the Ctrl and Fn key position.

minix m1000 minix m1000 minix m1000

minix m1000 minix m1000 minix m1000

The Mini M1000 netbook will retail for Php17,500 and comes pre-installed with either Ubuntu or Windows XP. Full review to follow.

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28 Responses

  1. bertsan531 says:

    nice looking and affordable price,lets see the performance…is it made in Taiwan,service center in Manila?

  2. a.cantos says:

    will there be 6-cell battery option?

  3. whaâ„¢ says:

    let how how it works sir after your review, i usually read ur reviews before buying them so that i’ll be able to make a right decisions.. just ur review on SAMSUNG STAR. now i have 1. thanks fo r the help sir yuga..

  4. Pedro says:

    sir it looks kinda like HP mini…hmm…?

  5. ricojake says:

    looks more like an Eeepc. Let’s see how it’ll fare with other netbooks in terms of price. Pababa na ng pababa price nila hehehe

  6. Calvin says:

    yeah seems like the first MSI Wind. I think the price of the Wind is around that range already. I wonder if it offers something else different.

  7. It’s cute. I plan to buy that by next month. DO you know any dealers with discounts?? :) thanks

  8. ok na sana…. really looks like the real thing, except:

    1) keyboard, HP Mini 1000 uses chicket type keys close to each other. this one has a regular type keyboard

    2) hinge, HP Mini 1000 uses center hinge with speaker on it. This one use side hinges.

    3) LCD screen, HP Mini 1000’s screen has a glass panel before LCD, an outer layer. This one only has an LCD.

    but on closed lid, and covering the Minix logo, this looks like it.

  9. its a MSI Wind clone.

  10. Darren says:

    6cell battery is of course option but according to Manufacturer, it will only be available in mid-July. Gentleman, php17500 is an aggressive price indeed.

  11. jong says:

    will wait for your review sir yugs

  12. Kiko says:

    you can buy this without an OS for 15k. and i dont think this comes with a 2gig ram out of the box. did they upgrade your review unit or does pc trends sell this with 2gigs already upgraded thus the higher price?

  13. jun says:

    Looks and specs are almost the same with the rest of other netbooks in the market.
    Maybe the price will be the main plus point here.

  14. ana says:

    price right now is P15k

  15. aqt says:

    i got mine the other day,2gb ram,and i’m also selling the white ones (1gb ram) for 15,000.

  16. bernie says:

    I got one from a shop in gilmore with 2gb of RAM for only 15 k.. It works well though the resolution of an atom netbook is only 1024 x 600, it cannot run power director and other video editing software except for sony vegas.. But its really fast with windows xp and works well with vista basic.

  17. Jet says:

    bernie, is it only sold in gilmore for 15k? im going to manila this week, and ill get one if thats the price…. where can i buy within makati with that price? pls help. thnx

  18. toni says:

    is the 15k in gilmore still without an OS? =/

  19. migs says:

    how much for d 6cell battery pls?ty

  20. Ivy says:

    I bought mine from Gilmore for 15,300 with OS. The OS was a trial version, I had to have it reinstalled.

    Anyway,does anyone know how much is the 3-cell battery? My battery has already deteriorated. I need to buy a new one. And I am wondering if I can replace the 3-cell with a 6-cell. Will the 6-cell battery fit in the same spot as the 3-cell?

  21. toni says:

    @Ivy… when did you buy your Minix? Sandali lang ba battery life nya?

    I bought mine mga March and okay pa naman battery life nya. I bought mine at Php14,000 or Php14, 500 I think, sa Gilmore. With OS na rin. Pero trial nga lang so I have to reinstall again.

  22. Ivy says:


    I bought it August 3 last year. Initially, 2 hours lang ang battery life nya. Tapos ngayon, mga 10 minutes na lang. Mas mura ‘yung iyo,amazing. 6 months lang ‘yung warranty ng battery e.

  23. Mike says:

    @Toni/Ivy: Could you tell me where I can buy replacement battery for Minix? I have mine for almost a year na. Not sure if I did the right things to take care its short battery life.

  24. Toni says:

    Nag deteriorate na rin battery ng Minix ko. Di ko alam san bibili eh. baka sa Gilmore din kung san binili.

  25. Mike says:

    I see. I got mine in Alabang for 13k without dos and OS. Main store is in Legarda. I just hope they would be able to sell me replacement batts. Thanks!

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