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Smart, Globe offers Facebook for All Java App

In order to increase their mobile internet subscriber-base, Smart and Globe both released a Java-based App so that even cheaper (mostly Symbian S40) phones can now access Facebook conveniently.

Smart’s FB Java app works on over 2,500 low-cost phone models {see list here}.

To download, just text FB to 211. You will get a confirmation SMS with the link to the download page.


The service is free until October 14, 2011. Smart did not indicate how much they will charge after that but it’s possible the Php20 FB-all-you-want can be used here.

Globe also announced a similar Java app yesterday. To download their app, just text FB to 2910 to get the link.

You will need to use the MyGlobe Connect APN settings in order to use it for free (else you get charged the normal rates). The service is also free until October 31, 2011.

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24 Responses

  1. garz says:

    No word yet from Sun?

  2. yuga says:

    @garz – Sun has Facebook Zero for some time now.

  3. Benchmark says:

    i just got mind yesterday…it was great…as long the net is fast hehehe I’m using it in Unliall plus of globe.

  4. juris says:

    could this be the Snaptu app? in which case this isn’t from Smart nor from Globe, but actually from facebook which acquired the app recently.

  5. sting says:

    Damn it! You’re forcing me to go back to this horrendous social networking site…

  6. hihey says:

    Tried it with my globe and n8 using both inet and connect apn settings.

    For inet, you will be charge with normal rate,
    for connect, there is a problem with internet settings.

  7. bryan_mmx says:

    that java app is the same app that facebook recommends you to download when you’re browsing in using the built in browser of nokia. and if smart and globe edit it in such a way that its full of their ads, no way am I gonna download it.

  8. mike says:

    Aww none for Android.

  9. razorous says:

    Hi Yuga & and all, noob question here…Are these java download link any different from the one you get when accessing, and getting the app from there via wifi? Coz I already have it installed and IS working great via wifi. When sending FB to 211, is it the link that Smart or Globe txts back have something encoded in them that makes it free? Baka ma-regular 3G fee ako mapunta, sayang kasi 10 petot ko Hehehe… I’m using Smart btw

  10. This is cool, since almost everybody was hooked to that social network.

  11. Jenn says:

    Pwede ba ito sa Blackberry??

  12. redst says:

    It’s not able to connect. I had my phone set to MyGlobe Connect APN. I can browse the web, but uing this app it’s not possible.It is saying ‘Connection Failed’.


  13. Kimisha says:

    I’ve been using this since July 25 (Smart, Samsung S5550) and never had any problem.

  14. mr.bogus says:

    may facebook zero naman for all handsets pa!!!

  15. Semidoppel says:

    Nice Apps, Im waiting for Sun Broadband if they have too

  16. louie6380 says:

    NOT WORKING on Nokia N8!!!
    Changed APN to myGlobe Connect and I got charged!!!
    Maybe other application also runs during connection that’s why… hmmp!

  17. neil says:

    S40 is NOT Symbian!!!!

  18. jek says:

    S40 is indeed Symbian. Symbian has S40 for low end phones, and S60 for mid range and high end phones ;) but i think this app is only for those low end phones. Sana maglabas sila for android.

  19. kath says:

    The app runs on S40 and S60 devices at least. On the main screen of the app when using Globe it shows a message ‘Free from Globe Telecom (Philippines)’ at the top when it’s correctly working without charging for data usage.
    You may well need to get new configuration settings for your phone by texting ‘SURF’ to 8888. MyGlobe CONNECT doesn’t appear to get a 3G connection, EDGE only.
    I’ve not yet been able to get this working over globe on a Nokia C3 which appears to have access point and web (proxy) configuration split, the facebook every phone app only gives the option to choose an access point configuration, not a web configuration, but this doesn’t work, probably because of the missing proxy.

  20. pheb says:

    Not free with Globe even if you use the Myglobe Connect…i’m disgusted.. . that’s why I used my smart no.. Globe please fix your service!

  21. rio says:

    bat d po available sa my phone at cherry mobile

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