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Leaked Acer Aspire 3951 to take on the Macbook Air

If this leaked images of the upcoming Acer Aspire 3951 is any indication, then the Macbook Air has yet another competitor in the high-end (they refer to it as ultrabook) segment.

Many have tried but none have yet to succeed in getting a good slice of the ultra-thin and ultra-light category that the Macbook Air dominates.

Samsung tried with the Series 9 laptops and now Acer wants to take a shot at it with the Aspire 3951 {via}.


Acer Aspire 3951
Intel Sandy Bridge processor (ULV)
13″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
160GB SSD or 250GB & 500GB HDD
HDMI port
Bluetooth 4.0
Multi-card reader
Windows 7
6-cell battery (est. 6 to 8 hours battery life)

This rig will surely sport the ultra-low voltage Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

The rest of the specs is still undetermined but expect it will be very close to the specs of the new line of Macbook Air. As for the price, they are expected to be a little lower than corresponding Mac Air models. It’s also possible that this line will replace the Acer Timeline models.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. Jin says:

    Hmm. Kamukhang kamuka ng MBA ah. =)

  2. LilBoyBlue says:

    can’t manufacturers think of other designs?

    Im not an apple fan boy but it’s sad to see that companies are just adapting others’ designs..

    • jego says:

      I agree! It certainly looks competitive (pun intended) given a lower price, but still… it makes you look like a second rate mac wannabe. :(

    • quzaqi says:

      maybe you have seen too much laptops in your lifetime to realize that there has been laptops that look like that. of course, it’s the thinness that’s quite new. im no fan of acer no any brand but hearing stupid guys like you just makes me think that a lot of filipinos are stupid!!!

    • lilboyblue says:

      First off quzaqi, have a mind to not call anybody stupid right off the bat. You may find yourself more of it once this is finished.

      Secondly, you are an ironic little man/woman aren’t you? Yes I have seen alot of laptops, netbooks, notebooks in my lifetime which made me say that this sleek, sexy, thin design and heck yes, even the color of the laptop can be comparable to the Mac Air. Why? because basically, Mac Air popularized this design, Take note, POPULARIZED. I did not say patented, nor thought of. And If you even look at the keyboard it resembles the keyboards of Apple’s.

      Yes this design may not solely be Apple’s but hey, since it was POPULARIZED by the company, it thus becomes the point of comparison for such designs. We all know it doesn’t HAVE to be the point of comparison but hey, the Macbook Air sold more units than anyone with this type of design, making it the first point of comparison.

      And I said adapting. Look it up to better understand what I said.

    • quzaqi says:

      i like it that you’re pissed. but you failed to make a good point in support of your earlier post. try to make a better post.

      and by the way… maybe you mean “ADOPTED”

      like i said… you are stupid.

    • lilboyblue says:

      haha. so it’s a typo error just like your “no any brand” in your previous post, sue me. haha

      and failed to make a good point? i gave you three.
      you don’t even have one.

      i rest my case.

    • quzaqi says:

      i love pissing people off.

      it’s not typo in your case.

      you used the word “adapt” in your original post and in your reply and you had the nerve to tell me to look it up.

      oh my god, you are so stupid.

      and you just can’t admit it. pathetic thing.

    • jarmis says:

      i feel so sorry for you quzaqi. wala ka na bang ibang magawa sa buhay kundi mang-away.

      lilboyblue, wag mo na sagutin. napakababaw ng tao na yan. don’t allow your self to stoop down to his/her level.

      btw, mukha ngang ginaya sa MBA ang product na to.

  3. Jeff says:

    kamukha din ng Asus UX21 Ultrabook

  4. enzo says:

    sir abe, typo on the last sentence! :)

  5. Abby says:

    If Acer netbooks were nicely built, would consider this. Trackpad sucks. :P.

    Actually I think they;re not merely copying, but just providing us alternatives. Its better for the customers. I like the MBA form factor but not the OS. I will wait for Sir Yuga’s reviews on these MBA competitors! Exciting!

    • soapiecaves says:

      hey abby, it’s me SOPHIA :D from work! hahaha i am tempted to buy this. maybe next year? then i can pass this laptop i’m using to somebody else.

  6. Dan the Beast says:

    I used to work for the laptop manufacturing line of ACER. We then produce around 2000 units a day. The conveyor time is around 11 seconds. And there are cheats sa windows, function, pre-load at run-in tests. In short, short cut lahat ng process and kung paanong ingat mo sa laptop mo, binabagsak lang sya sa production area at pinagpapatung-patong lang yung mga finished units. Oo nga pala, 3rd party repair din kami ng Dell, IBM/Lenovo, HP, Compaq at marami pang ibang brands. So you see, walang quality lahat halos ang mga gadgets ngayon lalo pa’t nasa China na ang mass production.

    • jego says:

      oh really?? I am biased against Acer brand. Even with utmost care, something tends to go wrong with the unit’s hardware. I swore not to buy another Acer after our 3rd defective unit. I am highly skeptical about this one’s durability.

    • Windmill says:

      Hindi ba dumadaan sa QA mga products? I doubt.

    • Dan the Beast says:

      Syempre may QA yun. Pero makikita ba ng QA kung nabagsak or hindi yung unit? Or kung may damage sa loob or whatsoever? Basta gumagana yung unit, “passed” na sya. Business is business ika nga. :D

  7. Apache says:

    Right know i choose AMD Fusion Laptop over other’s for now Laptops are just Productivity for me and Media. On Games There are two Winners iOS and Android but Still, if you got cash ill go for Alienware but if you like to waste cash go for the latest MacAir.

  8. Wilson says:

    Nice! It will be a good alternative for buyers. I hope one of the secretaries will consider this in the future instead of Apple’s in case this is cheaper. Pede na cguro ito sa palasyo or sa white house hehe.

  9. Messie says:

    Will it be as affordable as MSI’s ultraslim>>


    Because if it is, good move for Acer :)

  10. Ezekiel says:

    Sir Yuga

    Typo po, “possiblel” sa last sentence nyo.

  11. soapiecaves says:

    DROOL! I want!!! Hahaha :)) Sana labas na nila yung price soon :(

  12. Beating Macbook air for the thinness and lightest laptop is on. More slice and reducing is needed come up.

  13. haller says:

    Paano naman magiging competition ng Macbook Air yan e hindi naman Mac OS X ang OS ng Acer na yan?

    Ang lamang ng Mac laptops sa ibang laptops ay yung OS hindi yung specs.

  14. jc says:

    gusto ko to ^_^

  15. engadgetfan says:

    i smell another lawsuit.

    according to engadget, the rumored price of the aspire 3951 is between $770 to $960


  16. rocket says:


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