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2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air prices in the Philippines

With the announcement of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 models, Apple Philippines has also posted the pricing of these models as well as updated and re-priced the older ones like the standard iPad.

Here are suggested retail prices of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Air 2024

11-inch iPad Air
128GB: Php 42,990
256GB: Php 49,990
512GB: Php 63,990
1TB: Php 77,990

128GB: Php 52,990
256GB: Php 59,990
512GB: Php 73,990
1TB: Php 87,990

13-inch iPad Air

128GB: Php 54,990
256GB: Php 61,990
512GB: Php 75,990
1TB: Php 89,990

128GB: Php 64,990
256GB: Php 71,990
512GB: Php 85,990
1TB: Php 99,990

Apple iPad Pro 2024

11-inch iPad Pro
256GB: Php 72,990
512GB: Php 86,990
1TB: Php 114,990
2TB: Php 142,990

256GB: Php 86,990
512GB: Php 100,990
1TB: Php 128,990
2TB: Php 156,990

13-inch iPad Pro
256GB: Php 94,990
512GB: Php 108,990
1TB: Php 136,990
2TB: Php 164,990

256GB: Php 108,990
512GB: Php 122,990
1TB: Php 150,990
2TB: Php 178,990

The iPad Air 2024 and iPad Pro 2024 still has no indicated release date in the Philippines.

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