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Take the Mozilla Survey for the Philippines

Got an email from a BizDev guy from Mozilla Corp. requesting if YugaTech readers could answer this really short survey about web browsers and Firefox. “Mozilla is considering doing some new actions in the Philippines in 2009 and having some feedback from Filipino Internet users would be really valuable for us.” Check out this 20-item survey.

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7 Responses

  1. arun says:

    Hi… Your site is amazing with new facts. Can you add my link to your site as i am new to blogging please. I will add your’s in my site when i get your reply.

  2. Kenneth says:

    Woah! Good one, YugaTech has been proved that it has a really large amount of traffic or readers. I’m also currently doing the survey… :-)

  3. Eizan says:

    Sure! If it means having an extension office (like the one in Tokyo), why not? (Dreaming here, hehe O___O)

  4. Patrick says:


    Not really a big fan of FF (because I prefer Opera) but if this could help Mozilla then why not? Interesting questions too.

  5. teamlrc says:

    Already answered the survey.

  6. blankPixels says:

    Just finished the survey. We switched to Firefox a few months ago because we started with PTCs. Hmmm… so far, I’m liking Firefox, especially the FireGestures addon. Hehehe.

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