Google 2001 Search

Google 2001 Search

In honor of Google’s 10th year anniversary, they’ve brought back their oldest available index dated 2001. Google only had over 1.3 billion webpages indexed that time and it’s a little nostalgic to do some ego-searching on that year.

A search for “yugatech” in 2001 reveals my old website hosted on It was an “AnandTech” wannabe.

google 2001


Back then, .com domains were still $35 a year but there were at least two services that gave out free domains in exchange for free banner ads (via an ad bar) like NameDemo.

My university-hosted page also shows up when searching for my name and it showed our project page on WireLess LAN. I was playing around with 2Mbps WiFi networks back in 1999.

Check out Google in 2001.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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8 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    whoa Abe you’re a legend @ the Filipino internet community. Back in 2001 i was like 16 years old playing pc games like hell.

    Wish i started earlier :(

    More power and keep it up, love your blog!


  2. deuts says:

    Too bad it wasn’t January of 2002. My name should have appeared in the search results if it was 2002 instead.

  3. anonymous says:

    Google now Translate to Filipino language, check it out:

  4. Alwell says:

    I was there too :D

  5. Patrick says:

    ooh… Hypermart. I faintly remember looking into that hosting site back in 03 when I was searching for webhosts for my fansite. I eventually ended up getting a plan from a local webhost. :D

    @Alwell: oh, fancy seeing you here.. hehe! I didn’t know heavenslair did not have its own domain before. ;)

    My first site was a school project so naturally it would be hosted in geocities. That was… early 2003. Too bad. Tried my full name too.. I’m not “searchable” yet back in 2001. :(

  6. I tried looking for the website I made for my irc channel back in 1999. It wasn’t indexed. I wasn’t that aware yet of ways to be indexed. It was on a free domain back then. Hehehe. Thanks for the info!

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