AKG Y50 Headphones Quick Review

Last month, we provided you a quick review of the AKG Y40 Headphones, now its time to take a look at its bigger brother, the AKG Y50.

Like the Y40 that we had last time, the Y50 also comes in Taxi Yellow. It is bigger than the Y40 which is evident in the size of the cups. In addition, it is more stylish thanks to the ‘Y’ badge and accents.

Like the Y40, the Y50’s cups come with leather-covered foam while the exterior is made of aluminum with a glossy finish. The cups are attached to its 3D Axis Folding Mechanism which allows it to swivel to allow it to comfortably rest on your ears as well as collapse when you want to store it.

Unlike the plasticky Y40, the Y50 is more metal. The adjustable band is also a glossy aluminum which feels more sturdy. The padding on the headband though is a bit limited and only covers a small portion of the top of your head unlike the Y40 with a wider padding that extends to the sides.

When worn, the AKG Y50 feels comfortable on the ears compared to the Y40 probably because of its larger cups which has more foam. However, there’s a bit of pressure on the top of my head from the headband. The Y50 probably needs more foam on the headband to make it more comfortable.

Although comfortable and snug, the Y50’s size makes it wobbly on your head. A slight shake of your head like when you’re giving a “no” to someone and you’ll immediately notice the cups shifting on your ears. Not exactly made for sporty activities, the Y50 is a good companion when you’re just sitting down watching a movie or listening to music.

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Speaking of music, the Y50 is good in delivering clean Lows. You can definitely feel the deepest thumps of the bass without becoming bloated. This is good news for those who like Rap and Club music.

Mids and High Mids are good as well, articulate and not easily drowned by the lows. However, it’s lacking when it comes to Highs. So if you like playing Rock or Acoustic music, you’ll notice that some tracks will sound less crispy.

Overall, the AKG Y50 is a good set of headphones especially for bass lovers. In addition, it’s good at blocking outside noise which adds quality to your listening experience. It may be large to some but it’s comfortable and easy to carry thanks to its collapsible design. As for the price, the AKG Y50 has the same price tag as the Y40 at Php4,990. So if you don’t like the small design of the Y40, the Y50 is your next best bet.

AKG Y50 specs:
Type: Closed-back on-ear headphones
Drivers: 40mm
Frequency Response: 16Hz-22Khz
Maximum Input Power: 100 mW
Input Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 115 dB SPL/V
One-button remote, 1.2m detachable cable
Jack plug 3.5mm, hard gold-plated

What we liked:
* Glossy, metal build
* Comfortable cups
* Good sound performance especially with lows
* Collapsible design
* Comes with a soft travel pouch

What we didn’t like:
* Headband not that comfortable
* Wobbly
* Large and hefty

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