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May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016


Before we dive in to the cool gadgets of June, let’s take a look back at our reviews for the month May. This includes LG G5, HTC 10, Vivo V3 Max, and the Flash Plus 2. So if you dig these devices, then check out our Gadget Reviews Roundup for May 2016.

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Elephone P8000

Elephone P8000 Review Philippines 9 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

In a country where local smartphones thrive with affordable offerings, Elephone enters with a premise of bringing in a slew of devices that also promise the same bang-for-the-buck experience. In retrospect, the P8000 is a beast when it can deliver a long-lasting device performance with a stock Android UI experience meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Canon G3X

Canon G3X Review Philippines 5 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

From its compact build and weather-resistant body that makes it a good companion for traveling, to its superzoom capabilities in an instant, and down to its decent battery life, the Canon G3X is an effective consumer product for casual photographers looking for a compact camera with a good telephoto lens.


Lg G5 Full 1 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

In an age where every other smartphone looks and performs almost the same, it’s very hard to distinguish one flagship from the next. LG’s approach with the G5 is quite interesting and a first of many. The modular design offers a slew of possibilities and while the current available modules are the LG Cam Plus and the HiFi Plus, LG is opening this to 3rd-party developers and manufacturer to expand the functionality and features of the G5.

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Lume Cube External Smartphone Flash

Lume Cube Review Philippines 6 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

Lume Cube is a handy tool to have around especially when you’re traveling and plan to shoot along the way. Its form factor is small so you could just throw it in a bag along with your other shooting gear. We also like that it’s fully waterproof — eliminating the need to be extra careful when using it.

Microsoft Lumia 550

Lumia 550 Philippines Review 9 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

The Microsoft Lumia 550 retails for Php 6,490. That’s not cheap for a budget offering when compared to Android counterparts and frankly, since Microsoft took over Nokia’s mobile business, the quality of their smartphones became inferior. The specifications have always been on the low side since Windows Phone doesn’t need much power but the overall build and durability of the handset is in question. With the lack of apps, buggy software, and questionable support, users who are not keen on having Windows 10 Mobile at a budget are better off with something else.

Hanergy Solar Flexible Paper Charger

Hanergy 01 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

The Hanergy Solar Flexible Paper Charger is ideal for camping, hiking, or during emergency scenarios. Speaking of hiking, there are 4 holes on each corner of the sheet and Hanergy included 4 carabiners so you can hang, clip, or hook it anywhere the sun is shining.

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HTC 10

Htc10 Review • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

Realme Philippines

The HTC 10 is, without a doubt, a beautifully crafted phone packaged with a impressive set of hardware. It’s a looker and we often get people very curious about it every time we fished it out of our pocket. All things considered, the HTC 10 is one excellent flagship device — handsome, well-rounded and a real workhorse.

Canon Pixma G3000

Canon Pixma G3000 7 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

The Canon Pixma G3000 is a capable printer with quality and a complete set of features suitable for everyday printing with a long-term ink solution but for Php 9,995, it can be expensive for some. It does come with three black in bottles to kick start your printing blues while refills for each pigment will only cost you Php 295 per bottle.

ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5S

Asus Zenfone Laser 55S Review Philippines • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

ASUS still has a strong yet affordable offering with the Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5S. At Php8,995, buyers can get a Lollipop-powered smartphone with a good build and design, decent display and a more capable performance, plus great battery life. Add to that the more than capable 13-megapixel shooter with Laser-guided autofocus which appeals to casual shooters who demand better AF performance.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Limited Edition

Suzuki Grand Vitara Review Philippines 1 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

All things considered, we enjoyed using the Grand Vitara during our out of town trip and would definitely be a good vehicle for those looking to do so as well. It’s got comfortable seats and leg room, has a capable engine for carrying loads, and doesn’t stop when the road gets rough.

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X-mini Click Bluetooth Speaker

X Mini Click 1 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

The X-mini Click Bluetooth speaker is commendable not for its audio quality but for its size. It’s the same dimensions as your smallest shot glass yet it’s a full featured Bluetooth speaker that can do hands-free calls and as a clicker. For Php1,399, there are some better options out there but not as tiny as this.

Vivo V3 Max

Vivo V3 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

Vivo Mobile is off to a good start in the Philippines with the Vivo V3 Max. It’s well-made with premium characteristics, very capable internal specs, and not-so-demanding price tag. For Php16,990, you’ll get a smartphone with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, capable Snapdragon 652 octa-core CPU, large 4GB RAM, a starting storage of 32GB which is also expandable via microSD, 4G LTE, and fingerprint scanner. What’s left to do now is for Vivo to upgrade it to Marshmallow. Other than that, it’s all good.

Flash Plus 2

Flashplus2 Review • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

The Flash Plus 2 is a pretty decent device and ordinary mid-range device but its suggested retail price makes it stand out among an over crowded market of local and international smartphones. All things considered, the Flash Plus 2 is a solid device and you’ll be hard pressed to find any other smartphone with these set of features in its price category.

X-mini Evolve Bluetooth Headphone Speakers

X Mini Evolve 1 • May Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016

For Php 5,490, the Xmini Evolve is a pretty decent Bluetooth headphone and a wireless speaker as well. Its dual function is a nifty feature to have and does have its perks.

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