Amazing 240 fps slow-mo sample from the Nexus 6P

Amazing 240 fps slow-mo sample from the Nexus 6P

Nexus cameras weren’t always the best in their category, but the new Nexus smartphones have been receiving praises since their were announced.

Nexus 6P camera

Among their nifty feature is slow motion video capture of 240 fps @ 720p. Check out this sample of Google Nexus 6P from Dave Burke, head of Android engineering, and see how it stacks up.


Given ideal lighting, the video came out nice and pretty solid. The camera was able to capture the fast wings of the hummingbird that has a rapid wing-flapping rates of 50 times per second.

We hope to have a hand-on with the new Nexus devices when they reach our shores. The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are Google’s latest smartphones that run Android Marshmallow. You may check out the evolution of the Nexus line here.

Via: Android Authority

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  1. MX4 says:

    Meizu MX4 has a 480fps if I may recall.

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