Android 4.4.3’s alleged list of bug fixes enumerated

Android 4.4.3’s alleged list of bug fixes enumerated

While people are looking forward to the next major Android update from Google (Lollipop?), sources suggest that KitKat might have one last hurrah to address the current bugs plaguing 4.4.2’s users. Read the full list of bug fixes after the break.



According to reports, here are the list of remedies for the Android 4.4.3:

  • frequent data connection dropout fix
  • mm-qcamera-daemon crash and optimization fixes
  • camera focus in regular and HDR modes fixes
  • Power Manager display wakelock fix
  • multiple Bluetooth fixes
  • fix for a random reboot
  • app shortcuts sometimes got removed from launcher after update
  • USB debugging security fix
  • app shortcuts security fix
  • Wi-Fi auto-connect fix
  • other camera fixes
  • MMS, Email/Exchange, Calendar, People/Dialer/Contacts, DSP, IPv6, VPN fixes
  • stuck in activation screen fix
  • missed call LED fix
  • subtitle fixes
  • data usage graph fix
  • Internet telephony fix
  • FCC compliance fix
  • miscellaneous fixes

This list is still a bit vague, but at least we can get an idea as to which department the company is targeting the rumored Android update. Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to update you when things start to get official.

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4 Responses

  1. Critic says:

    That’s quite a lot.

  2. Rene says:

    Where is the fix for the write-protected external SD slot for Note 3 users?!?

  3. nego says:

    Is this common to all 4.4.2 running devices? I’m planning to flash mine for the benefit of new features tapos madami pala bugs. Aw

  4. Freeje says:

    Looks like there’s no SD card fix. This has stopped a number of users upgrading from 4.3.

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