Android L previewed: major redesign, better performance

Android L previewed: major redesign, better performance

Over at Google IO 2014, the company has just teased the next version of their mobile operating system – Android L – and while we’re not yet hearing the ‘sweet’ name nor the version number, we are introduced to a major redesign and a performance boost in graphics coding, battery life and a lot more.

Android Lollipop


Google has talked a lot about the design in their keynote, describing the depths of the shadows and how Material Design can make it a lot more convenient for the user experience. The design will be incorporated across several platforms, making it uniform for Google’s new design language. We’ve seen new quick settings, a new keyboard and a lot more in this Android version – and the new runtime is also going to be ART for performance boosts. Project Volta, Google claims, will also aim to better battery life.

Developers will be working with Google on it soon, and we’re expecting the company to launch it with the official name and version number once it’s fully ready in its next event. As for now, we have a glimpse of what’s coming next for the little green robot.

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12 Responses

  1. Mon says:

    Awesome, but I’m also excited for directx11 compatibility with the new Android…

    …which I really hope that crazy speculations of Android Lasagna isn’t true… I hear its really Lollipop but I still fear that Garfield would suddenly appear to introduce the new Android update >__<

    • 74 68 65 6f says:

      Doubt DX11 support
      -Direct X is a microsoft thing, so you can only expect it with their OS and hardware partners.

      you knoew of a b***h it is to run Direct X on WINE…

    • Mon says:

      Sorry, misread an article I found elsewhere…

      Android L might have directx 11 level gaming graphics XD they’ll need to in order to compete with apple’s metal

    • XTN says:

      I guess you never head of OpenGL

    • justcurious says:

      Only heard that Lasagna rumored name here in Yugatech. Didn’t see it mentioned in any tech sites.

      Where the f**k did these writers get that name?

  2. rockz says:

    why there’s an IOS 7 UI, in the middle, among the 3 photos?

  3. Pipoy says:

    Major changing of iconography. it looked smoothly appealing in my eyes.

  4. theo says:

    New Features are welcome…

    Problem is how many apps are stable in ART..
    Dalvik will not be an option in ANDROID L, so say goodbye to old incompatible apps…

  5. derp says:

    no more dalvik layer, much faster OS. i just checked the repository. Art has a back compatiblity for old android versions. problem is that, users of supersu or rooted phones will have issues.

  6. fo' shiz says:

    This looks fantastic. The transitions, the morphing animations, depth. I love everything about it. It’s an exciting time to be an Android dev.
    And Samsung, please, don’t ruin it with your fugly Touchwiz.

  7. just saying says:

    The middle picture seems like iOS lol :)

  8. Aiden says:

    Di ko maseryoso yung on-screen buttons. Parang joke lang. Other than that, the whole redesign looks great. :\

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