Online tool 'Constitute' can help in reforming PH system

Online tool ‘Constitute’ can help in reforming PH system

Crimes, disasters, sub-par services, civil wars & corruption scandals; these are the big problems faced by the Philippines right now which could have been caused by poor management and a lack of legal backbone. Other countries are also fighting to fix and establish systems that would work for the people and usually it starts with the constitution.


Google Ideas has brought upon a new web tool called Constitute which allows everyone to have access to constitutions around the world and have them see what a certain nation has to say about a certain topic such as “Women’s Rights” or “Technology” for example.


You can also filter your searches with dates, and once you’ve pinned an article, you may compare them with other countries. In addition, you are also able to download PDF versions of the available constitutions; it might come in handy for some lawyers & students out there.

Philippine Problem

For a fun fact, Google stated in their blog that approximately five new constitutions are written every year, and 20-30 are amended or revised. If you look at our constitution, you’ll see that it has never been amended – not even once since 1987.

{source} {Constitute} {image source}

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6 Responses

  1. bry says:

    our constitution is actually OUTDATED. It needs a lot of reform. Parliamentary is better, and remove the protectionists provisions in the constitution

  2. mongenius says:

    We may never be able to update our constitution unless bloodshed kills the Oligarchy that builds upon this legacy and continues to subdue most of the Filipinos via discrimination, confusion, lack of information, disinformation, patronage politics, patronage education, illegal working practices, substandard and expensive services, oppressive businesses with high cost of entry to new comers, non-existent industrialization and technology advancement and small minded politics.

  3. lawiscool says:

    may mali sa website nila about sa constitution natin.. 1987 constitution dapat yun not 1986

  4. palakol says:

    kinopya ang constitution at form of government natin from america. ang america nakikita na ang mga cracks sa gobyerno niya. ang britain walang constitution.

  5. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Article III, Section 5: “No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion…”

    Something that has been forgotten by the Filipino people.

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