Did Google abandon MeasureMap after buying it?

Did Google abandon MeasureMap after buying it?

For over 2 months now, I have been getting really frustrated with the performance of MeasureMap. It seems that as the day passes by, we get more and more “busy” notices from them:

Measure Map

Sorry, I’m having issues. Please try again later or contact [email protected]


It was last February that Jeff Veen announced the acquisition by Google. I was hoping that after that, they’d quickly move them to Google DataCenters for some kick-ass cpu processing power and then turn the service from Alpha to at least Beta (as Google is so fond of putting services into that classification for ages).

They did actually moved the service to Google servers as reflected in this DNS Report yet it seems the site/project has been left out in the cold. It’s already almost 6 months hence.

Had MeasureMap not been bought by Google, I believe they would have already had a full blown service by now because of fierce competition. It seems that being at the helm of the Big G makes people a little more complacent than normal.

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  1. Max Limpag says:

    I also expected the service to improve and expand tremendously after Google bought it. MeasureMap is a service you WANT to check everyday because of the stats it gathers and its cool interface but it’s a service you CAN’T check everyday without encountering “issues.”

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