Testing out Kontera In-Text Advertising

Last month, one of the reps from Kontera contacted me wanting to know if I’m interested to join their ad network.

In-Text Advertising is online product placement based on the contextual relevancy between an advertiser’s brand and online content. With In-Text Advertising, the advertiser’s brand is linked to a relevant keyword appearing in the online content which is matched to the advertiser’s ad. Kontera’s proprietary technology consists of a series of algorithms which analyze the online content in real-time and select the keywords and topics that are most relevant to the reader.

I’ve seen these types of ads before at Villman’s website and was curious to try try it out. The nice thing about it is that you can run it alongside Adsense and TLA, so you’re not restricted with exclusivity clause.

realme philippines

The ads will pop-out (in an ajaxy bubble) on text which are double-underlined. It’s a pay per click advertising so you only get paid for the ones that are clicked. You might already notice them here at Yugatech.

I’ve also deployed them on other forum sites I’m running and see if they complement the existing inventory we have in there.

More on this when I get the conversion reports.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Hmm…. this is a piece of writing I’m willing to take a bullet for. Absolutely hits the mark. I have some minor concerns but I don’t desire to commence a lengthy post and somebody might flame me. Just wish to maintain this blog civil and clean. Wouldn’t like any hatemail would i? lol keep it up!

  2. Adrian says:

    I just started to use them on my website, I seen some good pay rates per click (0.15$ – 0.25$) and good clickrate (1-2%).

  3. Smart_Design says:

    Hi! At first, I am sorry about my writing English… Still not super ,
    but I can’t resist not to join this conversation.

    My co-developers and me finishing our own In-Text Advertising system. Advertising part – easy part, you know how it works: keyword=$$$, same as all pay-per-click websites with similar options, but Publisher CP and options into Publisher CP – this is why I am here.


    I would like to ask you to help me create EASY TO USE and VERY FRIENDLY to use CP for Publishers. What options do you think will be useful, for instance:

    – Limit number of generated links on page (you may select, let’s say, from 1 to 10)

    – Create Link that will:
    a) double-underlined (kinda become standard)
    b) will match my CCS style (fade into your design)
    c) etc… you tell me…


    – Preview tool (Simply mini-browser for Publisher to preview his site without visiting CP, and if you see some ads that you do not want on your page OR you do not want LINK ON THIS KEYWORD (for example on Page title or sub-title) you may highlight link and select option to:

    – ….
    – ….

    Well, please help us to make good application that you will enjoy! We are not planning to go behind BIG BRANDS, even more, we building soft oriented to be easy to use for PUBLISHERS (all of you )…

    Advertisers are important, but they will pay anyway if publishers are happy… In this type of advertising, I think more important to take care about Publisher side (to do not make advertising links annoying, as you wrote above, and not to overload page with ads).

    3 modules are coming: America (North/South); Europe/Asia (based in UK); Russia (huge new market)

    So, please join us and let us do good work for you.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Vic says:

    I am having a mixed feeling about Kontera as soon as i started running Kontera, Adsense started doing smart pricing but i do not know if it is related.

  5. Dan says:

    We have been using the Kontera service and good number of clicks each day. But the revenue per click is very low, just about 1/10th that Yahoo Publisher and AdSense would pay. This means that you need to get about 10 times more of clicks to get equal pay.

    Also Kontera seems to under-calculate page view rates compared to Yahoo Publisher and AdSense. Their number is always lower.

  6. Dave Starr says:

    I went and read over their materials closely. I’m troubled by the comment you made, Abe, that they can be run concurrently with AdSense, and with the general AdSense terms of service that specify AdSense can’t be run with other contextual advertisers. Putting the ads in automatically with reference to keywords found on the page, dynamically (Kontera’s explanation of how they work) sounds mighty like “contextual” to me. Have you gotten any official word from Google on this subject?

    I have away to go to get to 50,000 uniques a month anyway, but it’s a thought to consider.

  7. Connie says:

    I tried Kontera about 2 years ago. When they contacted me, the company was very new. The ads slowed the loading of the pages. Worse, unless I placed the comments on a different page, the script created links within the comment text which I felt was unfair to the commenters since it appeared that they put in the links. So I gave up the Kontera ads. If it has gotten better, let us know, ha?

  8. jhay says:

    I’ve been running it on my blog for a month now. Everything seems to be ok. I get some decent clicks every now and then. My only concern is that readers may get annoyed by the ads that pops up.

    Still, they never fail to deliver really targeted ads.

    Will watch out for more of your reviews sir abe. :)

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