Google opens Paid Android Apps

Google opens Paid Android Apps

So Google has finally opened up paid apps in the Android Market for the Philippines. Thousands of apps which don’t normally appear on the Market are now available and ready for purchase thru your Android smartphone.


You can see them listed in the Paid Apps Tab on your smartphone or if you don’t have one with you, you can go to the website counter-part at

The paid apps seemed to be automatically converted from their dollar value to peso value. Payments can be made via credit card stored into your Google account (I already had one because I bought the Nexus One last year).

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38 Responses

  1. Ry says:

    Is there a way to buy if you do not have a credit card?

  2. van says:

    does this mean we can purchase paid apps from the android market? last time i checked, the paid apps in the android market aren’t available to our country.

  3. JKisaragi says:

    I just checked their paid app availability list of countries and the Philippines is now included:

    Finally! My Galaxy S is 2-3 months shy of turning a year old and I have yet to dabble on paid apps (I haven’t got the heart to use custom ROMS or kernels on it), so this is just great!

  4. e30ernest says:

    Not all apps seem to be available yet. I can see some of my paid apps for example (PowerAmp unlock) but can’t install others (Tasker). The market says the app is not available for my country/carrier.

    Maybe the roll-out is gradual. I’ll check again tomorrow. :)

  5. Crysis2 says:

    Ayos ‘to, susunod “direct carrier billing” na!

  6. Salleh says:

    sana magkaron ng paypal payment para sa mga walang credit card. i bought all my Gameloft games directly at gameloft website since they accept paypal payment.

    • tirso says:

      Good day Salleh. How did you pay for your games through PayPal. Because I also wish to buy Android Apps in the future but don’t have credit card. Thanks for your reply.

  7. William T says:

    I think developers will have to specify that they want their app sold in our country, since Philippines is not included in the list before, most of the paid apps are still not there.

    You might have to email the developer to have them listed. I did for one (PocketMoney) and it was listed immediately and available for purchase.

    Finally, I could move from my iPod Touch to full Android (since I needed a couple of apps that while available on both iOS and Android are not available on our local Android store before).

    Thanks Google. I was hoping for an announcement during Google I/O conference this week and was disappointed when the map of the Chrome webstore has Philippines in grey. So delighted when I accessed Market on my phone and found an app with price on it…

  8. why pay? says:

    why pay when you can download paid apps in * and install appl**et market app where you can dl paid apps for free.. lol

    • Jon says:

      Because developers of great apps deserve to get paid.

    • e30ernest says:

      Because the devs worked hard on those apps and they should get what they deserved.

    • why pay? says:

      ok ok some are worth paying for. but utilities like flashlight/themes/launcher/lockscreen/mini-games app are worthy of being cracked/pirated. lololol

    • William T says:

      Because you get peace of mind, that the app/game you installed might not contain malware. And you get the latest version notification too.

    • why pay? says:

      i have an antivirus pro i didnt pay $10 because im poor. no ok i’ll be honest i saw it being shared so i got tempted lol :)) its easy to update cracked apps too. ;)

    • William T says:

      Just a correction. The post says , the prices are already converted to Pesos. No, you’d be charged in the currency as listed by the developer. Your bank will convert them to Pesos, based on their rates. The Listed prices are reference points only. You’d would be notified durring checkout that the charge will be in what currency and how much (ie $0.99).

    • Wakocoke says:

      because we are not cheap like you

    • why pay? says:

      that doesnt matter because you & youre phone looks cheaper, until now you’re running on stock & still waiting for the paid apps while my phone is loaded w/ the greatest that android can offer. burned! =))

    • Jon says:

      So you think you are “special” or something because you have cracked/pirated apps on your phone? Anyone could do that. It is not that difficult. So don’t come here and brag that. There is nothing worth bragging about denying developers the money they deserve.

  9. Jon says:

    Finally! I just wish local debit cards may be used. :/

    • William T says:

      As long as the debit card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, you just might be able to use it. Although I can’t be 100% sure…

    • Jon says:

      Thanks, but I already tried that. I used both VISA and Mastercard debit cards and they don’t work. It says declined when I add them on Google Checkout.

    • Darkling says:

      You can use smart money. I’ve already tried it, and it also works for apple app store XD

    • Jon says:

      Really? Too bad, I’m not a Smart subscriber.

    • Mark says:

      pano po gamitin yung smart money sa app store? thanks

    • RJ says:

      Before I left the Philippines, one bank was offering a “virtual credit card” tied up to your deposit account. I think that’s Security bank, i am not sure though. It really works like a credit card. You would be given your 16-digit Visa/MasterCard number, CVC, expiration date etc.

      I think that should work. I have one like that but not one from a Philippine bank

  10. Lester Bambico says:

    I believe the article is pretty misleading. It should have clarified that paid apps are now available on the market app for Philippines. Anyway the article states “in peso” so i think its a given.

    Although I have been long seeing paid apps on my flashed sgs but that’s probably due to my kernel too which is for another region .

  11. Keybol says:

    This is cool! Try ko rin gumawa ng games para sating mga pinoy. By the way, sana mafeature nyo po Yugatech ang first game app ko

    Nakaka 8,990 downloads na po ako after a week, Free games sya. Thanks!

  12. fr0stbyte says:

    Sana integrated na sa lahat ng shop ang debit card.. Convenient talaga ang pag-gamit sa kanila eh. Here in Australia, DC na ang pambayad mo sa lahat ng shops. Sobrang convenient.. No need to carry cash. Just bring your card to any shop and they’ll have you transact with them in no time.

  13. fr0stbyte says:

    Just to add, my comment about DCs is more of a gripe at the lack of intergration as mode of payment sa Android Market..

  14. RaGe says:

    i wanted to download the powerAMP app coz it’s only php200+ and the devs deserves to be paid…I don’t have a credit card do I have other options like paypal or something else?

  15. RaGe says:

    i wanted to download the powerAMP app coz it’s only php200+ and the devs deserves to be paid…I don’t have a credit card do I have other options like paypal or something else T__T

  16. Pepe says:

    Just saw this on my phone a few days ago. Finally!

  17. tanishi says:

    sana pwede na bumili ng apps by cellular loads kahit mahal basta mabili na :)

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