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Smart rolls out 50Mbps LTE, 27Mbps HSPA+

Now this is pretty interesting — Smart is set to roll out their LTE network (50-70Mbps) and HSPA+ (up to 27.8Mps) in Metro Manila this May.

Last April, Smart demoed their LTE network to the public. This month, they’re rolling it within Metro Manila.


LTE can do speeds between 50-70Mbps while HSPA+ can do 27.8Mbps. Not sure if Smart will also offer those same speeds to subscribers.

We’ll have to wait and see how much these plans and data packages would cost.

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53 Responses

  1. jun says:

    nice.. hope it will roll out in some city’s also :)

    btw question.. is lte modem is downward compatible also on 3g, wcdma or gprs.. just in case you will go to province.. I hope this will be the case..

  2. Benchmark says:

    Well what most of the comments in here (in terms of network speed), if they really offer these kind of speed, they should FIRST provide those subscribers (2MBPS) the RIGHT speed they are paying for. Mostly they only provide lower than the usual speed. Tsk tsk tsk

  3. tipler says:

    why headline “Smart rolls out 50Mbps LTE, 27Mbps HSPA+”

    then say this “LTE can do speeds between 50-70Mbps while HSPA+ can do 27.8Mbps. Not sure if Smart will also offer those same speeds to subscribers.”

  4. Paul says:

    Can they really deliver?

    I shifted to PLDT DSL last January after surviving Globes Wireless BOREBAND for two years. I was so happy learning PLDT expanding and got connected right away. 1mbps only, once connected it truly was what they said it was.

    Two weeks later it dropped to 0.94-0.97Mbps. Acceptable still. Lately i only get 0.82-0.85Mbps prompting me to call them up. They told me that 60-80percent is still GOOD SERVICE. LMAO!!! Say what?!!! The customer rep clarified that if my connection dropped to 0.6Mbps it is still considered GOOD SERVICE

    Seriously? So the service fee should likewise drop to 60-80 percent then. Sa umpisa 1mbps…after a while they drop with a lame reason that 60-80 percent of what you pay for is still GOOD SERVICE.

    Instead of bringing out new services they really should improve their current broadband services. Geez, good service daw 60-80 percent ng what you pay for. Total crap but what can you do if they are the only decent broadband provider in your area? Suck it up i guess

    • chinitoguy says:

      Your argument is irrelevant. This is WIRELESS INTERNET we are talking about. PLDT offers wired internet service such as DSL. Subsidiary Smart offers wireless internet services such as HSDPA, 3G, and LTE which is the latest technology in the world.

      If you find PLDT myDSL a pain in the ass try Sky Broadband. It is much more reliable plus bundled with TV cable service.

    • Mr.A says:

      0.8 is still acceptable. If you want a flat 1Mbps, go get their lease line and cough 50K a month. Seesh, 1K per month for .8 is acceptable. Get the .7Kb for 1.3K bundled if you feel you’re robbed of your money.

      Besides, those that are have 100Mbps only get 70Mbps and they don’t complain.

    • amang says:

      have you heard about CIR (committed information rate)? ask what is the CIR of you plan before you complain. puro reklamo wala naman alam.

    • kazcheek says:

      know your technical skills before you complain brader. for a regular DSL line, 80% of your connection speed is truly acceptable. if it’s a leased line, T1, E1, etc.. better to complain and ask for a refund.

  5. Wakocoke says:

    eto na naman ang mga telcos, new tech new tech daw eh ung old tech di man lang muna gawing perfect! 2mbps my ass

    • Name: says:


    • daniel says:

      kami nga may plan 3000 3mbps pero 2.6 mbps lng nakukuha namin pero satisfied na kami… nagrereklamo kau kung bakit ung 1 mbps ay .8mbps lng nakukuha? kumuha kaya kayo ng dedicated line. maghanda nlng kayo ng 40,000 per month para sa mga kaartehan nyo.

  6. Migo says:

    Your argument is invalid. We are talking about LTE here. Wireless.

  7. ADM says:

    I’m not sure if Philippines’ telcos were honest in their marketing claims. They promised super fast internet, but those were just peak numbers. The actual scenario is that their wireless signal/connection is unstable.
    Their 3G service here in Cebu does reach 1-2Mbps but for only few seconds then the signal will drop down to ZERO.
    I can’t even download an iOS update (593MB) on my 3G Plug-it. When I become lucky enough to reach 400+MB of my download, that’s roughly an hour of download time, the signal will go down to zero and I loose everything. I gave up on it.
    Nevertheless, SMART is better than Globe. The endpoint is, WE HAVE NO GOOD OPTION. And now that SMART will merge with SUN, I’m afraid that the future of telecommunication in the country seems to be doomed.

    • chinitoguy says:

      True that Smart is better than Globe in terms of network coverage but GLOBE IS BETTER THAN SMART in terms of service.

      Regarding PLDT-Digitel deal, I’m against it because it would kill competition and bring down Globe into ruins. The deals is still yet to be approved by the goverment. If the goverment drops this deal there will be no merger.

  8. Zo says:

    Let’s look on the bright side shall we,

    At least LTE has finally reached our shores, this can only mean others will follow suit in the wireless industry (well hopefully)

    No service provider is perfect. I’ve read articles and have talked to people in the US regarding their wireless service and they say that 4G there is technically non-existent. Well, that’s what my cousin says, that 4G is basically 3G over there.

    IF SMART pulls this off, it’s gonna start to suck being a Globe user with an iPhone 4. not that I am LOL

    • Unwired Tech says:

      Globe is working on their own HSPA+ another 4G Technology.

      Most of the uses for this LTE technologies in the Philippines are more into mobile broadband and no available LTE phones yet in this country.

    • Fleeb says:

      But isn’t it the only candidate system for the 4G specification so far is only LTE Advanced? The others are still <3.9 marketed as 4G?

    • Zo says:

      HSPA+ isn’t 4G. you can google it and you’ll see how different they are.

    • RJ says:

      Don’t worry about it. iPhone 4 is not even capable of 4G.

  9. nexusboy says:

    go read some tech blogs, even in the U.S., sa Verizon LTE network, average speed is only 6 mbps. malayo sa 50 to 100 mbps na target ng Smart. hehehe

  10. mark says:

    what’s the use of 50mbps when they cap the speed.
    i used to have a consumable plan. and when i connect my cp to my pc. i can have 3.5 speed but soon, they’ll cut me off and i get poor connection..

  11. Unwired says:

    The speed they are showing up is for testing only and when available for subscription you will be given around 1mbps…SMART ey?

  12. RJ says:

    I am really frustrated with Smart (and Globe as well). Why don’t they just improve the existing facilities they have instead of rolling out these ambitious technologies. They could not deliver their promises with relatively lower internet technologies what more with this 4G? I would be more than happy if I could surf the internet with 1mpbs speed CONSITENTLY than having a 50mbps outburst speed in 50 seconds.

    As the terms imply, it’s a Long Term Evolution that should happen in 4Gazillion years.

  13. roland says:

    why smart why??? you’re now introducing new speed but you can’t improve your current system.

    -smart bro subscriber for 6 years. (no choice)

  14. chinitoguy says:

    I doubt that Smart would give such incredible speeds (27.8Mbs and 50-70Mbps) to us mere mortals. In speed tests done in Boracay, Smart’s LTE only got 15Mbps. That already fast though but how about the price? How expensive? With such speed would they offer it on prepaid? Would it be “UNLIMITED”? Does it going to have a broadband cap? It raises too many questions….

  15. J.P. Reyes says:

    baka naman 50 Mbps shared sa isang segment ng network hahahaha, drawing naman yang smart as always, hay kailan kaya tayo mamartsa sa may makati tapos magwawala sa headquarters nila? hahaha

  16. 1001 says:

    Was this the reason that smart got temperamental in the past few days?

  17. YuYu says:

    two things.
    1. MIR = Max Info Rate
    2. CIR = Committed Info Rate

    the 2mbps that telcos publish is a max info rate. usually the unpublished CIR is much much lower (i.e. 56kbps).

    this means that your are really getting what you are paying for. i.e. 999 for 2mbps MIR.

    if you want a higher CIR, you can actually request for that, but w/ a premium.

  18. I had the chance to talk to one of the senior engineer of SMART when I went to their office last week and he said that LTE and HSPA+ are now being deployed and tested so sooner these pack will be available to 3rd end.
    On the bandwidth cap, he said that SMART will not enforce a cap on LTE but he’s not sure on this one.
    Also these speeds will be compressed so that more consumers will be able to be supplied.

    • Zo says:

      I also heard this. Hoping it’s true!

      But from what i know, Globe’s capping is way worse than Smart. Not verified as fact though.

      Such a shame that Sun is now owned by SMART…

  19. ANDREW says:

    Why are we always complaining this is an improvement in speed crying-out-loud.

  20. daniel says:

    oh my god… LTE in a 3rd world country! Smart has been killing the norm in the past huh…. sumasabay ang smart sa Verizon at T-mobile at AT&T ng america ha! sosyal. iniiba na ng smart ang nakagawian. thank you

  21. jp says:

    sabi nung kadormate ko na nagwowork sa isang major subcontractor ng Smart puro pa lang daw 3G ang iniinstall nila.

  22. Steve Jobs says:

    I’ll wait for HSPA+ ng Globe. SMART Service is crappy… I’m Globe Postpaid Tattoo, i get what they advertise 3Mbps. Never complain. 10GB to 15GB average daily download, NO Capping whatsoever.

  23. bibbo says:

    HSPA+? LTE? WTF do I care?

    Just as long as I get reliable service.

  24. tfcnow says:

    @jp tama sinabi ng kaibigan mo. ala namang talagang lte pa sa smart. unang una, mali yung post dito na hanggang 27MBPS lang ang kaya w/o LTE. kaya in short, 3G pa nga ang Smart pero kayang mag provide ng speed gaya ng LTE. siyempre mas mabilis yung LTE pero nag overlap yung pinakamabilis ng 3G ang pinaka mabagal ng LTE. kaya puedeng sabihing in marketing terms, LTE, hehehe.

    but then ang tanong is eto ba yung makukuha ng subscriber o kalahati lang o kalahati ng kalahati, hahaha…

  25. Jayson Moy says:

    Sa mga wireless broadband ads naman nakalagay na “up to 2mbps” so I think kung 1mbps lang ang ibibigay ay acceptable kasi “up to” and not “guaranteed 2mbps” ang nakalagay…and it’s wireless prone to interference, etc.

    Excluding yung management ng “network resource” or capping…

  26. daniel says:

    wag kayo magreklamo kung mabagal internet nyo… baka luma lng talaga specs ng PC nyo kaya di nya kaya ung bugso ng mataas na data dba? :)

  27. cirrus says:

    magkano nmn kaya per month?

  28. i hope they improve their tech first in the provinces. I use plugit when I go home to baguio, and Baguio is already a major city yet their service there is still crappy! Manila’s not the only City/major consumer, you know!

  29. amang says:

    before applying for a plan as if there are offering CIR? puro naman kasi “UP TO” ang mga speed na inoofer then kumakapag isip kyo yun ang binayaran nyo na speed. kung ganyan yan ka taas at consistent eh di wala na kukuha ng leastline.

  30. amang says:

    before applying for a plan ask if there are offering CIR? puro naman kasi “UP TO” ang mga speed na inoofer then kumakapag isip kyo yun ang binayaran nyo na speed. kung ganyan yan ka taas at consistent eh di wala na kukuha ng leastline.

  31. spythere says:


  32. YuYu says:

    higher CIRs are usually offered to corporate clients only.

  33. I never achieved a decent speed of 1mbps with smartBRO, I used this everywhere in the Philippines, I had major major connection issues with facebook, yahoo messenger, and even Skype, browsing was rediculously slow, and I always had latency issues, the signal kept switching back 2G despite living in metro manila, so really smart never supported a decent proper 3G signal, now they are saying they support LTE and HSPA+, how on earth will they do that if their existing network is not capabale of even 3G speeds? Another false advertsing

  34. Emil says:

    Ngek, puro sila new technology e yung Smart Share It ko nga di na makapag torrent.

  35. chard says:

    mga pards remember this words “UP TO” hahaha

  36. cirrus says:

    kung acceptable sakanila ung 60%. so kung 30Mbps lang makukuha ko. ok na ok parin sakin un. saka I bet namn. nasa consumer’s reach naman ung pricing nila. DI KAGAYA SA SKY BROADBAND!!!

  37. deoraxys says:

    Next stop for Smart- 4G-capable phones… :)

    The sweet promise of LTE and HSPA+ is, well, sweet. But Smart better set the 4G-LTE infrastructure right…

    I keep reading about blogs about the 4G LTE network used by a certain US cell company called Verizon Wireless, and frankly, their 4G LTE network is unreliable… Connections drop dead in mere minutes from startup… Some places have slow connections… Etc…

    Let’s hope Smart gives us a reliable and accessible network for all of us… :)

  38. Earl says:

    sir abe, Will I be able to connect to or use Smart’s HSPA+ network when i’m subscribed to their prepaid unlisurf promo? :D

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