Sale on LG Optimus Black & Optimus 2X

Sale on LG Optimus Black & Optimus 2X

If you’re still aching to get a hold of the new LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus 2X but still don’t have enough budget, you might want to wait a little bit since LG Philippines is doing a sale on these two units soon.

Take note — the sale no longer asks you to fall in line for hours — everything will be done online. And the discounts aren’t as high as they did with the LG Optimus One.


The highest discount for the Optimus 2X is up to Php5,000 while the Optimus Black can be had for a discount of up to Php3,000. Not bad considering the Optimus 2X retails for Php27,990 and the Optimus Black is already at Php19,990.

For more details about the online sale and when it will happen, go check out

Disclosure: LG Philippines is an advertiser for the Optimus 2X and Optimus Black. Was sent the banners/materials earlier but could not write about them until I got the go signal.

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41 Responses

  1. sylv3rblade says:

    So this is why I couldn’t buy the Optimus Black when they said that the release was this week.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      Optimus black is still not available on the LG Store, I guess I’ll get one in the gray market.

  2. JKisaragi says:

    Wow. A dual-core Android at 22,990 on the first day of the sale.

    Wish Sammy would also have something like this on their S2.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      Considering how last year’s Optimus One event was handled, I expect more complaints about the sale in the near future.

    • JKisaragi says:

      I remember that. The moment I saw the line crawling all the way to the lower ground floor at SM Megamall, I immediately lost hope and just bought myself a bag. Haha!

      Anyhow, you’re right. A lot could happen to the phone while en route to our doorsteps.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      Me, I’m gonna wait till the Optimus Black is NOT on sale. That 3000 peso discount isn’t worth the headache :/

  3. Paul says:

    Has LG addressed the freeze and reboot issues already? I do hope the phones they sell here are already the fixed ones.

    I read so many articles online saying that the LG Optimus 2X suffers from lots of bugs. Hopefully the ones they do sell here are all okay

  4. Yousyut says:

    LG phones doesnt look good. It also has a lot of issues. Resale value is too low. Pass on this one unless they bring the price down to 50%

  5. fuckLG says:

    lets not forget the way their promos/events rolls out. fucking no standard or care for people in line.

  6. bryan says:

    Nice try, LG, but we’re still boycotting you.
    You make fool out of us once, and that won’t happen again.

  7. 1001 says:

    Lg is good but i’m waiting something from symbian that’s dual core as well.

    • Erin says:

      you may need to wait for a very long time. symbian development is nearly dead and nokia transferred more than 2,000 of its symbian developers to accenture.


    • Kirs says:

      There’s no need to wait for it. Nokia has long before announced that they will be using windows OS. So expect for slow phasing out of symbian os.

  8. boooLG says:

    those phones are just released but it already has tons of bad reviews, from phone dying out, blacking out, laggy even though dualcore for 2x, etc…

  9. 123 says:

    still the happening last year, november. i was one of the thousands who fell in line at SM north edsa annex cyberzone… i cant imagine na nakakaya ng annex ung ganun kadaming tao! ung mga nasa escalator nalalaglag dahil ung dulo ng escalator ang daming tao. at isa na ako dun pero wala ako nakuha na lg optimus one. 5 hours na pumila bago pa magbukas haha sorry LG.

  10. JKisaragi says:

    I must say that although the event last year was a complete and utter disaster for most of us, this event is somewhat promising as all you have to do is wait online for the sale to tick in, pay for it using your CC or via Paypal, and they’ll deliver the phone right to your doorstep. No falling in line required.

    However, there is the concern for the phone itself. There are a lot of reviews, generally negative about the 2X and the Black out there. Then there’s the delivery stage; you’ll never know if they’d handle the phones with utmost care and it could get damaged right before you could have your hands on it. *sigh*

    Nice effort though. I’m hoping they learned from their “terrible” mistake. :)

  11. Zo says:

    Hoping to hear some feedback about the phone and the promo from those who are willing to take a crack at this :)

  12. marvin says:

    Nice. Was able to buy my optimus one last year with a 30% discount. It’s my back up phone. Optimus one’s UI is even smoother than my SGS’s and my tab. What a great phone it is. And now i am considering selling my sgs just to get the black optimus. I hate samsung and their crappy laggy UI even on custom roms and tweaks. Only thing i loved about sgs is gaming. The power VR sgx540 is good but was not put into good use by sammy. And the super amoled is overrated. The bluish tint and the pentile display is not impressive at all.

  13. aira says:

    Hala ayan na naman sila sige Pa loko naman kayo at mag hihintay tatayo sa pila para sa wala for the publicity again!

    • someone says:

      brad magbasa ka, hindi ka na pipila. online ang pagbili at pag-avail ng discount

    • aira says:

      Putang ina mo i mean that dati pa gago ka puta ka!

    • batman says:

      Sinu ba pumipilit mag avail ka? Matuto ka mag basa kasi hindi yung mura ka ng mura dyan. Hahaha! pahiya ka lang eh.hehehe

  14. mr. bogus says:

    pansin nyo ba lumiit na mga stall ng lg ngayun dati stall ngayun mga kiosk na lang… hahahaha buti nga lg!!!!!

  15. kebbot says:

    kakabili ko lng sa website….maghihintay nalng ako for 4-5 days….

  16. Puhleeze says:

    Another convoluted gimmick from LG. Want to bet a lot of people won’t be able to access the site during the days when you get the maximum discount? Ugh. This really convinces me never to get an LG phone, especially after last year’s fiasco. Why can’t they give one discount for a certain period of days like Samsung or even for one whole day like Cherry? This is another gimmick that’s going to give it more bad publicity, which is good because whoever thought it up should be fired.

  17. Sweet!

    Calling LG, PinoyDroid is accepting ads too…j/k

  18. coollearner says:

    i believe that this can be the best dual core smartphone price deal considering the LG has announced fix for reported bugs for the optimus 2x already…the purchase was worth it :)

  19. Elastica says:

    I was able to buy yesterday! no hassle at all! can’t wait!!!

  20. Oro says:

    Nawala yung schedule ng handset sale? Keep visiting na lang ang nakalagay. Hmmm. Ok.

  21. kebbot says:

    just got the phone this morning grabe 2 days lang i have the phone na…. iam from mindanao pala….. thanks lg…

  22. microjosh says:


    cno nakapag print ng schedule nung discount?

    want to buy the Black sana w/ 3k off.

  23. abi says:

    i’ve been checking the site…so far they’ve only offered discount on the 2x…i am eyeing the black…i wonder if they really have plans on giving discount on the black… :(

    • Kaloy says:

      I agree on this. when it comes to physical feature and specs i guess i will choose optimus black. its more cheaper too. hope they place discount on optimus black

  24. FTest says:

    sent an entry weeks ago for 50% off on LG optimus 2x. Got email confirmation that Im qualified to do the purchase using my CC… Is it safe?

  25. Pixel says:

    hello guys, binebenta ko yung slot ko sa 50% discount ng LG Optimus 2X for 8K. Sino want mag-avail? Bale ipapareserve pa yung unit tapos pupuntahan sa LG office sa Pasig.

  26. Aliven Gallardo says:

    Sana may sale na mas lower pa ang price… grabe i2 na ang dream phone ko…

  27. Name: dennis says:

    Haayyy…gustong gusto ko yang optimus black peru mahal d ko maaford..hangang tingin nlng aq.sad to say;(..sana my rafle draw..para makuha ng free…hope magkaroon aq kahit yang optimus black kahit 2ndhand…;(

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