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Google Play Books now available in the Philippines

If you’re an Android user, you might have noticed something new on the Play Store today as Google has just brought Play Books to more countries around the world including the Philippines.

play books

Google Play Books is an e-Book reader and Google’s one stop shop for Android users who crave digital books. Play Books includes new releases, New York Times best sellers, up-and-coming authors, and free books.


play books_1

Currently Google has five more content services that are not available in the country: Movies, TV shows, Magazines, Music, and Music All Access.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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25 Responses

  1. leeroyyrobles says:

    Plus you can upload your existing library of epubs and pdfs at play.google.com and it will automatically sync with ur android device. :-)

  2. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Filipinos? Read? That’s a good one.

    • Sommersweat says:

      Kaya nga may yugatech e. We’re not idiots like you.

    • Hobbits on Stilettos says:

      Hey, that’s kind of a racist comment, don’t you think? The most offensive seven words I’ve read in my entire life!

      What do you think of us Filipinos? Simpleton morons who don’t read? For your information, we do read. We’re Asians, if you’re dumb enough not to realize, and we can be as excessively smart as can be. I’m 22 years old, and I’ve read more than seventy novels in the past two years, this including elephantine volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, Lord of the Rings, and Jane Austen classics. And that’s a small number for two years, considering that I’m taking up Medicine!

      If that’s the way you think of us, then do, by all means, ’til you’re six feet under. It’s a different thing, however, when you start offending people you don’t even know! We are a part of the human race, just like any other nationality here on earth, and I’ve got to tell you: it would do well for you to remember that!

      So stop it, if you know what’s good for you.

      And that there is the best advice I can give for someone like you, who is potentially one of the world’s biggest —-s!

    • countrymouse says:

      matanong ko lang, PINOY KA BA?
      ang tabil nama nyang bibig mo. kung makacomment ka eh kakilala mo lahat-lahat nang pilipino.
      wow naman kung wala kang magandang sabihin eh mas mabuti pa kung manahimik ka dyan at bumalik sa lungga mo, baka mahampas kita nang sang katerbang aklat ni stephen king, ken follett, bob ong, ted bell etc. GET A LIFE!!!

    • Cyberius says:

      If Google put it there it means that there is a market for it here in PH. Google is the king of BIG data there’s no refuting that.

      I’m thinking that you don’t know that fact because you don’t read enough to even know that.

    • bullcrap says:

      Iyan Sommerset? Ichthyologist, systematic taxonomist, statistician, gamer, geek. Just another adventurer, out to see the world?

      Meh. Another failure as a human being.

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      Anyone else? Come on guys, amuse me more!

    • bullcrap says:

      Man, visiting your twitter page gave me cancer, ugh.

    • obama bin laden says:

      Racist comment is racist. Someone kill this son of a bitch, guys!

      P.S. I found your ignorance very amusing.
      *Grabs popcorn*

    • obama bin laden says:

      Racist comment is racist. Someone kill this son of a bitch, guys!

      P.S. I find your ignorance very amusing.
      *Grabs popcorn*

  3. bill says:

    Why buy when you can just download for free?

    • Haha says:

      Motto ng mga android fantards! Hahahaha! Kaya nga useless tong mga app na ganito :)))

    • anokamo says:

      @Haha As if hindi rin to ginagawa ng mga iTards. Bumibili nga ng overhyped at mamahaling phone, eh puro hacked naman ang apps.

    • lad says:


    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      That’s a good point. Android has a multitude of epub and mobi-capable readers that don’t lock you into a particular ecosystem in order to read your “officially-acquired” ebooks. And you can readily switch between any of these application depending on your current reading mood.

      iOS in comparison isn’t too friendly with freely acquired ebooks, especially with the faux-death of Stanza Reader. Right now, I’m stuck with Bluefire Reader, and still have a lot of difficulty manually copying and importing books into its file tree. Now imagine dealing with an ebook library bigger than 10gb.

  4. IOS7 says:

    Wala pa rin paid books sa iBooks. Good job google added google play books in the Philippines! No offense IOS and android users!

  5. CopyCatDroid says:

    Yey ! Play Store infested by MALWARE, BLOATWARE, SPYWARES and PORNOS !!!! Only ANDROID can deliver those to you !!!!

    • WindowsiDroid29 says:

      Did you even touch or use an Android Phone? I think you didn’t coz As a Android User I never encountered such those words that you said, Malwares, Pornos, Spyware and everything bad? How much dumbness you have.

    • Unknown says:

      Really? Malware? Spyware? Bloatware? PORNOS? what the heck are you saying? Android cant be infected by Spyware? Malware is very rare? Bloatware is for ROMs that been customize? PORNOS? really? Google Play Allows Sexually explict/adult content?

  6. Jay says:

    was excited but the e-books are cheaper at the kindle store.

  7. Pinoy na Pinoy says:

    Too bad your comment doesn’t really reflect any intelligence. Now that’s better

  8. lad says:

    finally may kapartner na yung kindle app. sa kindle kasi di pwede yung ibang ebook formats kaya sa aldiko at moon reader ako kapag nagbabasa ng import na epubs, etc. ang prob lang ay hindi sync. buti naman at may play books na at integrated pa sa ibang google services. goodbye aldiko! :)

  9. e30ernest says:

    Anyone have their categories and parts of the Play Book store in Filipino? Tried changing it back to English via the Google Account settings page with no luck.

    It only happens on the mobile app by the way (the web desktop version is in English).

    If any one knows how to change it I’d love to know how as well.


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