Is Google+ cool enough to replace Facebook?

Is Google+ cool enough to replace Facebook?

Three weeks into Google+ and I’m seeing more and more people get into the service and adding people into their circles. And from the looks of it, Google+ users are more engaged that FB and Twitter.

I only have around 895 912 people adding me in their Circles today but the amount of conversations and interaction we have on the Stream is more active than say our Facebook Fan Page (12k+ fans) and Twitter (4.6k followers).

Maybe it’s just the breath-of-fresh-air effect — Google+ is still very new and on an invite-only so users tend to be more excited and curious about the service and thus, making them more active on the network.


Another site called also indexes Google+ users (around 1M as of today) and came up with stats of users per country.

Surprisingly, the Philippines is not on the Top 10 (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal are even ahead of us.) I think we should be gaining more ground by now (hey, we’re the top Facebook users in the world for nothing) and by the next roll out of their index, we could be in the top 10.

The other side of the theory is that Google+ is just for early-adopters and not really mass market (read: pang-masa) just like how Friendster and Facebook became.

But let me go back to my question — Is Google+ good cool enough to replace Facebook as your top destination?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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46 Responses

  1. kev says:

    no… but I’m a registered user of google+ and tried the android app.

  2. jumper says:

    i think you meant, “breath of fresh air” effect, not “fresh breath” effect. :)

  3. Messie says:

    I have received numerous invites, kaso tinatamad naman ako magregister. However, given the stir that it is creating, I might try it out when I have the time :)

  4. Noir says:

    Top facebook users in the world????

    I thought that we were the 4th? or was it 5th?

  5. zer0ice says:

    Is Google+ cool enough to replace Facebook?

    No. I don’t think so. Maybe not yet.

    If only all my current Facebook friends were in Google+, then I would be ready to ditch Facebook. But the reality of it, it isn’t. So, not yet.

  6. gooledroid says:

    for me yes. panget ng fb chat. and besides panget ng fb daming bug. and i hate their fb private message. nagspam sa message box ko

  7. Not yet sure, people will embrace something that will provide or answer their needs.

  8. Carlo says:

    Oo, kasi bago lang talaga kaya active mga tao. Magkakaalaman pa pag open-to-all na ang G+.

  9. Sige FB pa.. says:

    Philippines is one of the top FB users in the world.

    We can conclude that most of us Filipinos are DULLARDS.

  10. RaGe says:

    sana lang wala masyadong jejemon G+ hehe

  11. NemOry says:

    of course very much sir Abe, I so love it, very clean, very organized, very simple, little ads or even nothing.. so if you dont still have an invite yet, don’t hesitate to email me your email, [email protected]

  12. Renel Isio says:

    NO…mas organized ang googleplus pero tingin ko mas click sa tao ang pagiging simple ng fb. Ang facebook rin pwedeng mag type lang ng samantalang mahirap ang google plus

    • just_curious says:

      and i hope it stays that way. hate to see all those jejemons going over to pollute g+.

  13. luiboowee says:

    Still kinda lost with Google+

    Byw, yuga, you said you’re not really into Friendster nor Facebook but it seems you’re really excited about Google+. Weird.

  14. Sa tingin ko may chance sila lalo na kung babaguhin nila yung font style nila hehe. parang nasanay na kasi ako sa font ni facebook eh.

  15. yuga says:

    @luiboowee – not really excited. I still look at it as a communications channel, just like what I did with FB and Twitter.

  16. lawrence says:

    I’m quite getting curious with all the commotion this google+ is getting.

    Sir yuga or anyone out there, please consider inviting me: don’t know if it has to be a gmail email, but here’s what I often use: [email protected]

    so I can atleast experience it and have some thoughts with it. Thanks!

  17. dan says:

    pag mas nauna ang india sa lahat, malamang hindi papatok.

  18. I think you’re right, people will just go with the flow every time.

  19. Google+ is better than FB, so yeah, it’s cool enough to replace FB as my top destination

  20. Richard says:

    not good enough.. but a lot better…

  21. Ian says:

    Google+ has been open to the public for days already. I think it did last weekend.

    And to answer the question: yup I think it will. The only problem I’m having is that not all of my friends are on Google+.

  22. r41n says:

    it’s a lot better than FB. i hope it won’t go purely public. I hope it is only thru invitation.

  23. aecee05 says:

    I’ve been dying for an invite, still haven’t got one though.. :(

  24. pabs says:

    No, not yet, fb pa rin ako

  25. Ry says:

    I love the way they manage photos. I like the super “fast” effect of uploading :)Videos are utilized just like the Google video, so another plus for Google Plus for that :P

  26. JD says:

    I deactivated my FB account and currently an active G+ user…

  27. joel says:

    Btw, abe, can I ask help how to get a G+ account? anyone can share or invite? thanks in advance..

  28. sherwin says:

    sir yuga,

    Mayroon pa po ba kayo slot for google+ invite?

  29. Jologs says:

    If it has Pet Society and Restaurant CIty and I can port all my paid items, why not?

    But if not, no thanks, hehehe.

  30. Stark says:

    google + is a bit boring.

  31. delphiguy says:

    Not sure tho tingin ko me potential, ndi ko pa kasi na try kaya ndi pa ako makapag comment. Invites naman dyan para ma try out.

  32. ps3fanboy says:

    each dog has its day. myspace, multiply and friendster used to be the top players. then came facebook, twitter, etc. now its g+’s turn.

  33. ARL says:

    ive got my own account. looks interesting, but certainly google has to put more improvement for this one.

    it feels like im playing table tennis alone here, LOL! for now, im just keeping my G+ account for the sake that i have an account hehe…

    FACEBOOK still rocks! with the added skype feature, most of your friends are there, all news and info are on my stream, its basically a one stop shop!

    and the winner is…. TWITTER for me, news and info comes at any time of the day! it s one powerful social media tool!

  34. Kenth says:

    Only when G+ is able to attract a significant number of active members (who regularly collaborate and socialize in G+) will it be considered a possible competitor or contender to FB’s crown or they can co-exist, so Google better not be stingy and start sending out those invites. :)

  35. alain says:

    Guys, it’s still in beta. calm down. I heard there’s also gonna be a gaming portion for g+ if that’s your concern.

    For me, I’m just keeping my account to outhipster everyone on google+.

  36. Bob says:

    I think the reason why Philippines is not included is because they limit the number of people sign up for Google+. Like me, I tried many times to get an account but unfortunately not able to get a slot.

  37. JM says:

    As of now… NO! But maybe Google is already receiving pros and cons from their current users. So there are still more space for improvements.

  38. Kenneth says:

    To those of you who wants an invitation to Google+ can drop by my blog or mention me on Twitter.

  39. Millette says:

    Too early to tell.
    Looks good on the surface though. Right now, it’s a little lonely with just a few peeps in the circles:)

  40. Maia says:

    Guys, pa invite nman sa Google+.

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