Toshiba Philippines to open local office this August

Toshiba Philippines to open local office this August

Just talked to a couple of folks who have close relationship with Toshiba that the company will be opening a local office in the Philippines by August this year.

Currently, Tricom is the one that’s representing Toshiba in the Philippines (they’re the ones that handle local product launches and send out review units). We always have to refer to Toshiba Singapore when it involves corporate communications.


Now that they are opening a local office, we should be seeing more presence of Toshiba products as well as better support from the company.

For one, expect the Toshiba Thrive tablet to land in the Philippines real soon (we’re expecting to get our hands on one very soon).

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12 Responses

  1. Emman says:

    Does this mean that customer care for Toshiba products will be handled by Toshiba now?

    I only have one Toshiba product and that is a 1TB External Disc.

    Its good to know and also first to comment!!lol

  2. Kyle says:

    Di pa ako makakapag lipat company under ng company contract pa ako…hehehehe Sayang

  3. adam says:

    Ano na kaya magiging role ng tricomm pag may office na ang toshiba dito.

  4. ^-^ says:

    Sa august pa? kailangan ko ng new battery for my toshiba laptop. wala naman sa mga comp store nang ganun e:(

  5. Might be a case of too little, too late or simply too late? I would’ve thought they already had an official local office in-country. On the tech side, most of their market share has probably been eaten up by more accessible brands like Acer, Asus, etc. Hell, I see more Dells, HPs and Compaqs than Toshibas these days (far cry from a decade ago when all you saw were Satellites, ThinkPads and Lifebooks).

    On the more-mundane appliance side…I’m way more surprised that they don’t have a local office. My dad never liked getting Toshiba since he’d always say “mahirap ipaayos” for ACs/TVs/etc. But we’d always get Toshiba light bulbs anyway.

    Gotta admit though, they do make quality toys. My first laptop was a Toshiba Satellite 2435 and it lasted me 8 years. And it actually still works but the AC adapter jack is busted (so the batt can’t charge).

  6. It’s a nice thing that Toshiba will have their office here to handle service and inquiries about their products.

  7. It’s a nice thing that Toshiba will have their office here to handle service and inquiries about their products.

  8. Jay says:

    would this mean magmumura na products nila dito dhil may presence na sila sa pinas?

  9. edwin salvador says:

    pana na ang goldway aabsord nyo po ba kami?kami ang push ng product nyo dto sa pinas.

  10. wizzzy says:

    @^-^: punta lang po kayo sa tricom dynamics office. dun po kayo makakaavail ng battery kung wala sa ibang store.. @ edwin salvador.. toshiba laptops are the push product of toshiba here and abroad :D

  11. shai says:

    wer & how to buy a toshiba li-ion battery pack w/ model no. pa3534u-ibrs?

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